‘Hi, I am Joe!’ tackles alcohol rehabilitation aftermath today at College of the Arts Theatre School

The one man play, headlined by actor, Denzel Leroy //Naobeb, affectionately known as NSK, aims to encourage the audience to start taking their families into consideration when indulging in their vices.


‘Hi, I am Joe!’ addresses the issue of family conditions and relationships that have a tendency to enable alcoholics.


The actor who has done five productions so far, encourages open minded individuals to come see him do his first ever one man show.


“If you are not the type of person who enjoys experiencing new things and opt to remain in your little comfortable box, this is not for you,” NSK says.


In particular, NSK calls on all managers that are in charge of signing off sponsorship cheques at South African Multinational companies ‘who makes millions from Namibia per day and shy away from investing in the local arts industry’ to come see the production.


Talking about his character, Joe, NSK says they are not similar as he has always been the ‘responsible’ one.


His favourite line of dialogue is: “It is only when they are ditched, that they come to me…complaining. Do I look like an ABC? An Alcohol Bureau of Complaints!”


Set in the modern age, the play is relevant. Alcoholism has often been a trait that makes up dysfunctional families. Having an alcoholic family member very often disrupts the healthy family dynamic, creating a host of problems that lead to dysfunction.


The play, produced by Township Productions is written and directed by well-know theatre mentor, playwright and director, Joseph Keamogetsi Molapong.

So why wait? Get your ticket at the College of The Arts Theatre School and go watch the production from 6-8 June 2018. A ticket sells for N$80.

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