‘A Love Letter from Namibia’- Hairareb Movie Comes in 2019

Two strangers who agree to marry each other for mutual benefits. They try make their marriage work while keeping a secret from each that has drastic consequences.


This is the storyline of ‘Hairareb’ a new movie directed by Oshoveli Shipoh. Funded by the Film Commission of Namibia, the movie is executively produced by Dantagos Jimmy-Melani and Ellen Melani under Ndapunikwa Investments.

tammy 2 copy(Producer and Director)

Set to come out early in 2019, ‘Hairareb’ represents a unique and beautiful portrayal of a truly Namibian story along with an intimate depiction of its culture, while also presenting themes with universal appeal. The story is told in English, through the eyes of one of Namibia’s oldest and most deeply rooted tribes; the Damara/Nama, and hence is an introduction and tribute to the tribe, while incorporating Namibian cinema fit for both local and international audiences.

The cultural aspect is very important to the production team as the production team plans to go to great lengths when researching the film by consulting community elders, in order to stay true to the cultural representation.

The official production schedule will begin in October 2018, while casting will be finalized during September 2018. Currently, the producers are busy with location scouting.

IMG_2919(Executive Producer)

Antonio Tsuob is the Director of Photography while the script is written by Aina Ligola Kwedhi. The Script for ‘Hairareb’ was developed by the Namibia Film Commission, based on a book by August C. Bikeur, which was developed into a script by Aina Ligola Kwedhi. ‘Hairareb’ was also a radio soap opera performed in Khoekhoegowab.

Follow the movie on Facebook for casting information.

3 thoughts on “‘A Love Letter from Namibia’- Hairareb Movie Comes in 2019

  1. Please let ne know if you still need
    actrises for the role. Leonie want to be an actris
    Thank you
    Please see her faceboook page for photos
    Leonie lala Swart

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