Food Talk with the fabulous Adriano Visagie

The charming Adriano Visagie is one of the 6 cooks who kept us entertained on the ‘Real Good Chicken’ show on NBC and One Africa TV.

When he is not being an actor/banker/radio presenter, Visagie, who is the oldest of four siblings, uses a happy-go-lucky personality to prepare his chicken dishes on TV.

He talks about food, cooking for the family, his experience on the show and the ever-changing Namibian food industry.


Who taught you how to cook?
I learned cooking by watching my mom cook. Whenever I cooked my own dish, she would usually help me with the finishing touches.

What’s is the worst ‘fail’ you had in the kitchen?
I once cooked at a friends house and while rinsing the pasta after cooking it, it all fell into the sink.

If you could make a dish to impress a date, what would you make?
I love Pasta, so it would be chicken fillets with pasta basil, cheese and garlic.

What’s your top cooking trick?
I cant share my secret ingredient, but when I cook, I make sure it comes from the heart.

Who is the best cook in your household?
My mom.

How do you describe your style of cooking?
Very edgy. I love quick, yet impressive, meals. I also make a nice healthy dish, making sure I add at least more veggies than carbs. I am not a big meat-eater, so a quick chicken meal is my go-to.

Which dish do you call your Signature dish?
My family loves my chicken wraps. It’s quick and easy.

Do you have a guilty food pleasure?
This might be a little weird, but I can eat peanut butter any day. From the tub with a spoon.

Are you asked to cook at personal gatherings? Does it annoy you or do you enjoy it?
I am. My best friend knows I can cook so when we are out at personal gatherings, everyone points at me. It gives me great pleasure. Once, on my birthday, Bunny from The Real Good Chicken show told me to ‘sit back and relax’ and she took over the “chicken potjie”. I think I’ll be annoyed if the dishes are not done afterwards, so there is always an agreement on who does the dishes.

With international ingredients so easily available, do you see the Namibian market growing?
We still rely heavily on South African ingredients, however, when we look at spices like that of “Kapana spice’ by Ees, there is growth in the market. Also, we have a proudly Namibian chicken brand that isn’t just any chicken and it comes in different pieces.

Tell us about your experience working on-set of the ‘Real Good Chicken’ show.
The best. We are six presenters just simply showing how we can prepare dishes using Real Good Chicken. I made a group of new friends. Being on set is like a dream come true, as we cook on camera and simply just share recipes from home. In Season 2, I got to share the ‘Real Good Chicken’ kitchen set with my mom.

Do you see a change in the Namibian food scene?
OH YES!!! We have become more and more cognizant of the type of foods we eat. There are so many different ways of preparing local dishes, while also trying international dishes using local products. I can proudly say Namibians do love fine dining with a touch of local flavour.

How long did it take to develop your own style of cooking, and what advice would you offer to young chefs looking to develop theirs?
It’s a constant practice. No one is perfect in the kitchen. Every time you cook, you become better at it. Take that first step even if your burn water 😀 😀 😀

‘Real Good Chicken’ is currently in its 2nd Season on NBC and One Africa TV.

(Images: Facebook.)

One thought on “Food Talk with the fabulous Adriano Visagie

  1. I love Adriano’s charisma and the charming way we are taught the recipes, also the show is amazing in every way from the way it’s shot to the way the set is and the colors, it surely feels like home and attractive and makes the learning process smooth. 10/10

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