Tick-Tock Short Film: Interview With Director Glen-Nora Tjipura

(Images: Shilongo Visuals)

Cast and Crew of Tick-Tock at the recent film screening in Windhoek.

One of the most powerful tools activists and nonprofits can use to shape public opinion and galvanizing public support for causes is the power of film. ‘Tick-Tock’, a short film funded by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and executively produced by the Women’s Action for Development (WAD) puts violence against women in the spotlight.

The short spreads the message many gender-based violence victims are and should continue to gear toward. The message is simple: Get out and get help. Shot with a budget of under N$100 000, ‘Tick Tock’ follows Anna (played by Ebba Shambwila) as she struggles to get out of an abusive relationship with her partner, Theo (played by Adonis Jossobs). The film was co-written, co-directed and co-produced by Glen-Nora Tjipura and Ndakalako Shilongo. It was shot by Sylvanus Valombola and edited by Tabizo Dube.

Watch the trailer here.

Namib Insider caught up with Tjipura to discuss the inspiration for the film, collaborations and her film directing debut.

Ndakalako Shilongo and Glen-Nora Tjipura

In a sense, the film brings forth the importance of self-care. Why did you see it fit to tell the story with this type of spin?

I am the biggest advocate of taking care of yourself. I am into personal growth and I would like to tell stories that can empower us and also show the potential that we have to overcome anything.

How much of this film comes from a personal place?

Well personally I have not been in any physical abuse relationship, but I have had my fair share of emotional abuse and manipulation. Also, I have witnessed friends and even some family members go through what we depicted in the film.

What was the most challenging thing about making the movie?

Oh, there are so many, but I think the most challenging factor was time, we had a short span of time do make the movie and we had to make do with what we had.

Ebba Shambwila and Adonis Jossobs.

This was your film directorial debut. How important is this to you, personally, and to your career?

I still can’t believe I made a movie, that I wrote, directed and produced, someone still needs to pinch me. It is an important stepping stone into being an all-around storyteller because I am not only an actor, I am also all these other hats that I wore during the movie. Watching your concept go from paper to screen is the most surreal feeling ever.

You have collaborated on the film with Ndakalako Shilongo. Is it important to collaborate with your colleagues? How do collaborations benefit the career of filmmakers?

We co-wrote, co-produced, co-directed, and it was amazing because first of all we are wearing different hats and so it was easier to do all the different jobs because were she couldn’t be, I could. And vice-versa. I think people should collaborate more often, it makes the job much easier plus creatively it becomes a much stronger project.


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