A Report For An Academy: Adriano Visagie takes on the role of Kafka’s ape

Channelling Franz Kafka’s Red Peter in the play, A Report For An Academy, is not easy according to Adriano Visagie, who will deliver his first one-man show at the College of the Arts Theatre School in Windhoek.

Adriano says the physicality that comes with being ‘Red Peter ‘ and imitating the ape authentically is hard but comes with a lot of fun.

Kafka’s critically acclaimed short story, A Report for an Academy (1917) has been adapted and performed all over the world and will be staged in Windhoek under the direction of David Ndjavera.

Red Peter’s is a story of satire on ‘otherness’ with the notion of civilization and what it means to be human in a world of routinized inhumanity. Red Peter’s story of his former life is revealed as he presents the tale to a top scientific Academy.

A Report For An Academy

“I love the fact that he is very optimistic and inquisitive. He is well educated and shares a lot of knowledge. I wish I had the sarcasm he has; it’s very subtle: if you miss it, you miss it,” Adriano says, talking about his character, Red Peter.

As Namibia is commemorating 29 years of Independence this classic tale of freedom, power and alienation are more current than ever.

A Report For An Academy is on stage 19 and 20 March at the COTA Theatre School. Tickets are charged at N$80 and available at the door. The show starts at 19h30.

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