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5 Most Anticipated Namibian Films For 2019

As the year is getting in the full climax, many film projects are wrapping up production and preparing to the premiere.

These are the ones that we’re looking forward to seeing the most:

1. #LANDoftheBRAVEfilm 

Photo: Facebook

Unarguably the most anticipated film in Namibia. This wonderfully authentic crime thriller, firmly rooted in Namibia follows a policewoman, who in her pursuit of investigating a series of murders is challenged by a ruthless reporter who exposes deep, dark secrets from her past to unhinge the case and ultimately, her life.

Director: Tim Huebschle
Starring: Elize de Wee, Armas Shivute, Pieter Greeff, Ralf Boll.
Expected Release: 10 October 2019

2. Baxu and The Giants

Photo: Instagram

This live-action short film explores how rhino poaching triggers a social change in a village in Damaraland, told through the eyes of an 8-year-old girl, Baxu, who is in touch with nature and her own heritage. The film comes with a sense of poetry in the imagery; the music and the way the young hero tells her story, promising to take the viewer from the time of hunter-gatherers into the modern-day.

Director: Florian Schott
Starring: Camilla Jo-Ann Daries, West Uarije, Steven Afrikaner, Wafeeq /Narimab, Anna Louw.
Expected Release: 19 September 2019

3. Hairareb

Photo: Facebook

This feature follows a lonely farmer who faces a devastating drought, trying to open a new chapter with his new bride after he gets her to marry him by inciting her family with money. The film promises themes of love, jealousy, loss, materialism, and betrayal. The film represents a unique and beautiful portrayal of a truly Namibian story along with an intimate depiction of Namibian culture.

Director: Oshoveli Shipoh
Starring: David Ndjavera, Claudine de Groot, Hazel Hinda, Kadeen Kaoseb (KK).
Expected Release: 30 August 2019

4. Encore

Photo: Instagram

The short film combines stage and screen as a dancer finds herself lost in an old theatre, where she meets a carpenter who shows her something that turns her reality upside down.

Director: Senga Brockerhoff
Starring: Odile Gertze, David Ndjavera
Release: 16 May 2019

5. The White Line

White line
Photo: Facebook

This feature film is about a love story that plays out within the context of Apartheid, following two people who found each other and fell in love regardless of the colour of their skin, their cultural or socio-economic backgrounds. The film explores Namibia’s history and aims to visually share the pain and subsequently, love, in Namibia’s past.

Director: Desiree Kahikopo
Starring: Girley Charlene Jazama, Jan-Barend Scheepers, Sunet Van Wyk, Mervin Uahupirapi.
Expected Release: 2019


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