OYO Dance Troupe To Tackle Abortion With Latest Offering- ‘Ilithyia Gone Mad’

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International Guest Eveline Castelein (front) with dance trainee Frieda Haufiku (back). (Images: Joshua Homateni)

‘Many people are quick to judge abortion on moral or religious grounds’, says Ombetja Yehinga Organisation’s (OYO) Founder and Director Philippe Talavera speaking on their latest offering titled ‘Ilithyia Gone Mad’- which will premiere in Windhoek at the Warehouse Theatre on 22 August 2019.

Highlighting the high rate of teenage pregnancies in Namibia, Talavera says in most cases, the fathers run away, while at times the family of the mother turns their backs on her and she is the one left with the burden of dealing with the pregnancy alone.

“Becoming a teenage mum often means dropping out of school and giving up on one’s dreams. Is it that always fair?’ questions Talavera.

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OYO dancers Desmond Kamerika and Mary Jane Andreas.

Using OYO’s signature performance style- physical theatre-  OYO will look at the issue of abortion with ‘Ilithyia Gone Mad’– a dance piece inspired by the mythical figure of the Greek goddess of childbirth, Ilithyia.

The 10-member dance troupe of OYO will share the stage with international guest Eveline Castelein, who is pursuing a Master in Educational Sciences at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Castelein spent four weeks with the OYO dance troupe, during which time she helped create ‘Ilithyia Gone Mad’.

“I believe that dance can be a big part of that best practice because in my opinion dance can deepen the understanding of things and make knowledge and skills more accessible in the brain,” Castelein says.

At the premiere, Warehouse audiences will also be treated with a rendition of ‘Menarche’, another OYO dance troupe piece choreographed by Talavera.

After the premiere, ‘Ilithyia Gone mad’ will become part of the OYO’s repertoire and will be used to create awareness in schools and communities around the country.

The performance kicks off at 19:00. Entrance is free.