‘Untitled’ Is Finally Here- Season 1 Premiere Recap – “Pilot”

The first episode of Dark Grown Production’s web series, Untitled premiered on YouTube on 2 September 2019.

Untitled stars Chantell Uiras, Rodelio Lewis, Freddy Mazila, Khadijah Mouton, Elizabeth Hamurenge and Fellipus Negodhi as artists in 21st century Windhoek. The artists, Joyce (Uiras), Adrien (Lewis), Martin (Mazila), Biola (Mouton), Leti (Hamurenge) and Zion (Negodhi) all practice different art forms (writer, model, visual artist, singer, poet, actress and comedian/MC) and are all trying to make it big.

At least that’s what we make up from Uiras’s monologue about moving to Windhoek in search of greener pastures. The monologue runs over the beautiful scenery of Windhoek, making for a beautiful piece of cinematography in the opening scene.

“We chase fame, cries of laughter, our names in lights. Even if it costs us everything.”                                                                     –Untitled

Shot mostly at one of Windhoek’s most popular entertainment spots, Chopsi’s Bar, the show takes us through unfiltered, behind-the-scenes of what it means to be an artist struggling to make it in the ever-changing art scene of Windhoek.

This episode is largely focused on introducing the artists and we get to see the artists hangout and share drinks while being all smug about their individual artistic practices- really reminds you of people you might have met if you hang out at places like Chopsi’s.

The episode saw Lewis’s character Adrien take the stage as an aspiring singer, however, it cuts to another scene and we don’t get to see the actor stretching his vocal cords. The episode would’ve benefitted from having the ‘singer’ actually sing.

Untitled brings forth something fresh to the Namibian TV viewing scene and creators Lavinia Kapewasha and Jenny Kandenge deserve applause for the bold choices in how they chose to tell the story. While the execution of this episode was a little botched, the concept Kapewasha and Kandege used is great- it makes one excited to see the next episode!

The 10-episode web series will air on YouTube every week.

Watch the 15-minute episode below:

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