‘Untitled’ Season 1: Episode 2 Recap – “Exposure”

Continuing to shun a light on the plight of Namibian creatives, the second episode of Untitled is all about working for exposure because it is an undeniable fact that at least once in their lifetime, every creative will be approached by people who want free work.

The episode kicks off with Joyce (Chantell Uiras) paying Adrien (Rodelio Lewis) for a previous gig while offering him another corporate gig which she seems to have already sealed without his prior approval.  Adrien, being an upcoming artist and all, is very eager to do the gig, but tones down on his excitement when Joyce mentions that the gig will be unpaid. Joyce continues to make the unpaid gig lucrative as possible, convincing Adrien that he needs all the exposure he can get and encouraging to take up as much free work as he can, with the promise of more work in the future. For many creatives, this is a very familiar scenario- which for the most part they fall for, especially when people make it sound like they are doing them a favour.

Meanwhile, Martin (Freddy Mazila) is being pinned the same scenario. We learned from episode 1 that Martin is an established artist, but he has been MIA for quite a while and now, the event organiser, Kris uses this as the basis to not pay Martin to perform with the promise that it will get him back into the performance game.

Leti (Elizabeth Hamurenge) and Biola (Khadijah Mouton) are polar opposites when it comes to working with exposure. While Biola feels exposure won’t put food on the table, Leti feels doing every gig that comes her way, paid or unpaid, has helped her build a portfolio. I somehow agree with Leti- to an extent, being popular in the performance sphere can help build a portfolio and might lead to constant work, but is all the blood, sweat and tears worth it, especially if the promised exposure leads to absolutely nothing?

Can we talk about Joyce and Martin and whatever is going on there? From episode 1 there has been some weird chemistry thing going on between the two and with this episode, it is clear there they definitely had a past together. Anyway, this episode also exposes the double standard of Joyce, who sold an unpaid gig to Adrien but feels Martin is too good to perform for free. Again, we are teased with Adrien’s singing but never get to see him sing, maybe Joyce’s subtle shade is spot-on and Adrien has a good voice to beg bacon. Also, what’s up with everyone and their phones? Are artists really that vested in their phones??

The 10-episode web series will air on YouTube every week.

Watch this week’s episode below: