‘Untitled’ Season 1: Episode 3 Recap- “Relationships”

“But we never do anything together, we haven’t even been on a real date yet,” Biola (Khadijah Mouton) is ‘bugging’ Martin (Freddy Mazila) to spend more time with her.

Martin’s response?: “We went to that lousy-ass performance of your friend’s last week.” Boy?!

This week, the Untitled web series is titled: ‘Relationships: Are We More Than F*ck buddies?’ and from the opening scene between Martin and Biola, it is clear that there is really no chemistry between Martin and Biola. It doesn’t help for Biola to pour her heart out to the guy, seriously.

Poet Lina guest stars in this episode as herself. She allows us to get a better glimpse of Zion (Fellipus Negodhi). No, we don’t see Zion perform poetry or whatever, we just understand that being weird is his nature. This scene opens with Lina reciting a poem about love. Lina even starts talking about her feeling a special connection between her and Zion.

At one point, it looks like Zion also feels the same way but no, he just got inspiration for his next piece. No, not as in Lina being his muse; Zion is inspired by the environment they are in. Eventually, Lina is weirded out and walks away. Zion sat there, not stopping Lina, beating his drum, alongside his Simba chips and Fanta Grape…

Later that day, Biola eventually decided to go to the art gallery with Leti (Elizabeth Hamurenge), who serves her tough love. “Everybody is just out for sex,” Leti will have Biola know. In essence, Leti and Biola have their girl power moment as Biola vows to have her own solo exhibition and Leti letting her know she’ll back her up if needed.

Oh, and Adrien (Rodelio Lewis) did the order-water-and-sneak-in-your-own-cheaper-wine trick at a bar. If you haven’t done this, or know of someone who has done this, you are not truly living. Or maybe life is just to good for you (or whatever, this isn’t about you). Anyway, joins Adrien and goes on about it being hard finding someone to connect with. Does this mean he wasn’t being an ass and really doesn’t feel like Lina? Lahja Haufiku makes a cameo in this episode and it has me wondering if she’ll be back for other episodes as Zion’s love interest? Also, when Adrien suggest for Adrien to ‘float to the other side’ instead, he cluelessly says he floats all the time- I don’t think Adrien was talking about being high, Zion.

Earlier in the episode, an enraged Biola told Martin to not bother coming back to her. Biola clearly didn’t take Leti’s advice to heart, because later at night, she is texting Martin asking if he is coming back. So maybe Martin is not the only one who wants to roll around in your bed, is he, Biola? By the end of the episode, Biola’s sister Alicia (JD Januarie) makes her first appearance on the show.

So far, the first three episodes have been rather meh, with anticipation being built throughout. Perhaps episode four is the episode we’ll get to see the entire characters get in their full glory?

The 10-episode web series airs on YouTube every Monday.

Watch this week’s episode here: