‘Untitled’ Season 1: Episode 4 Recap- “Insecurities”

The fourth episode of Lavinia Kapewasha and Jenny Kandenge’s web series teases to be spectacular. Firstly, because it is the longest episode of the series, so far, running for 17 minutes, yay! Secondly, with an episode titled ‘insecurities’, you’d really get excited to see all those tiny things artists are really insecure about, but the episode borders on stagnation.

In episode three, we got to meet Biola’s sister Alicia and from Biola’s not-you-again expression in that episode you’d assume we’ll get to learn more about their relationship, but again, Untitled continues with the breadcrumb narrative it started off with.

Episode four, however, starts off pretty well with Leti having the most interesting statement of all. She starts off the episode by revealing how insecure she is about her body image while getting ready for a modelling audition. She even considers not going in for the audition.


Eventually, after some encouragement from a friend over the phone, she decides to go for the audition. Pageantpreneur and model Bobby Kanjoosa and Zavia Djohr guest star in this episode and as assistant and model scout.  Leti fails at her audition and is torn.

Then we get to see again, why Martin and Biola’s relationship is a sunken boat when Martin insists on spending less time apart from Biola. Biola also mentions her sister Alicia is a trainwreck… so I guess we’ll see how much of this is true in future episodes?

The episode also reveals why Martin took a brief hiatus from performing: his got booed at his last show, got drunk, fought with someone and just made a fool of himself on video. Radio presenter and actress Vanessa Kamatoto made an appearance in the show, as the shady radio host, who prior to Martin’s radio interview watched the video and laughed with a colleague. Martin is set on let bygones-be-bygones, promising that his next show will be a hit. Joyce, on the other hand, is set on not working with Martin again, refusing to accept his apology for acting a fool when she was his manager.

The episode ends with Zion giving Leti encouragement after her failed audition. Some intense moment there, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, right?

Four episodes down, six more to go. So far, despite the wishy-washy run of the episodes, I am fairly excited to see what more Untitled has to offer.

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