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Religious Satire ‘Three Sisters’ Incoming At NTN

The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) kicks off 2020 with a new play titled Three Sisters, written and directed by Bret Kamwi.

The play follows a young woman who goes undercover into a prophet’s house to try and expose him for what she believes to be fake miracles and in her quest, she finds that the wives of the prophet are the backbone to his success.

Kamwi says his play, which is largely a religious satire, explores the “current religious” climate, where fewer young people attend church or follow religious people such as prophets.

Explaining the narrative, Kamwi says the play has all the different kinds of people who can be found in a religious setting, from the naive believers, who follow without question, to the sceptical believers, who believe in the message but not necessarily the messenger thereof.

While the piece was inspired by the rise in popularity of prophets in and around SADC countries, Kamwi says he wanted to tell the story from the point of view of the support structures around prophets.

“When I started writing there weren’t any clear themes that I was determined on tackling, I rather let the story take its own form and I didn’t know how it was going to end until I wrote the ending. Which in itself was a new writing process for me because I usually have the entire plan or outline of the story from beginning to end. Also while writing the final draft I had some incredible feedback from my mentor Sepiso Mwange, who has an amazing eye for detail and she helped me find questions to answers I didn’t know were there,” Kamwi says.


Despite this being his first production on the NTN stage, Kamwi is no stranger to the theatre craft, having written and staged three theatre productions at the University of Namibia while studying Music and Drama. He has also performed on the NTN stage numerous times.

The cast includes Melgisedek Nehemia, Xavier M, Diana Master, Penny Heelu, Kaarina Nambinga, Vaja Tjipueja and Taylo Mannetti. The production is mentored by art educator, Sepiso Mwange.

Three Sisters is produced by the Theatre under its Theatre Zone Project, a platform for new theatremakers and will run from 5 – 7 March at NTN’s Backstage. All performances start at 20h00. General tickets are charged at N$80 and students and senior citizens tickets are discounted at N$50. Tickets are available via Computicket outlets countrywide.

(Images/Video: National Theatre of Namibia)

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