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‘Salute!’ & other Namibian Films You Can Watch Online For Free During Lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown has all of us feeling blue, some of us probably even realized being home all the time is not as fun as we’d imagined. Even despite having watched so many Hollywood/international movies/series during these few days, you still yearn for something different, something more ‘Namibian’- I know I do.

Since the spread of the Coronavirus to Namibia, local filmmakers have been making their films publicly available for free online viewing.

Here are some new and old Namibian films you can watch online while in hibernation:

“Salute!” (2018), dir. Philippe Talavera

“Baxu and The Giants” (2019), dir. Florian Schott

“Untitled – The Web Series” (2019), dir. Lavinia Kapewasha

You can watch the entire 10-episode first season of Untiled here.

“Another Sunny Day” (2017), dir. Tim Huebschle

“Sold Out” (2017), dir. Leon Mubiana

“Genesis” (2019), dir. Laimi Fillimon

“Careful” (2019), dir. Skrypt

“Tick-Tock” (2018), dir. Glen-Nora Tjipura and Ndakalako Shilongo

These are just some of the films I actually got around to watching/rewatched. To see the more, check out Lockdown Cinema Namibia on Facebook. Also, there’s a 10-minute short called Project: Black Love I read about in The Namibian and it is visually beautiful!

Stay home and be safe fellow cinephiles!

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