Watch Now: Protecting Nelao Trailer (Oshoveli Shipoh short film)

Directed by Oshoveli Shipoh and written by Aina Kwedi, Protecting Nelao follows film follows a recovered COVID19 patient (KC Swaartbooi) who forced to move into a safe house prepared by her husband (LC Muenjo), in order to protect her from death threats by her community as the fear of re-infection is rife.

The film seems like it will be an interesting take on the impact of Covid-19 and the stigma surrounding it, plus the cinematography looks good!

Here’s the trailer for Protecting Nelao

The film is a sequel to the filmmaker’s 2015 short film, Looking For Nelao. While waiting for the September 2020 release of Protecting Nelao, you can watch Looking For Nelao here: