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DStv Bolsters Its Movie Offering

Call it Movies 2.0! Or: The streamlined upgrade of the M-Net Movies channels on DStv. Come Tuesday 1 September the current six M-Net Movie channels will be re-organised and consolidated into four slick,  fuss-free channels.

To keep it simple, these four carefully curated channels, with its array of must-see films, will be known as M-Net Movies 1, M-Net Movies 2, M-Net Movies 3 and M-Net Movies 4.

Even though DStv have streamlined the M-Net channels, this will not impact the number of movies on the DStv packages, audiences will benefit from a leaner, spruced-up M-Net slate.

But that is not all, the popular holiday pop-up channel FliekNET will become a permanent fixture on the platform from 1 September as well.

Adding to this is the new KIX channel launching in October this year, bringing viewers the best of Martial Arts from the old-time favourites such as Jet Li, Jackie Chan and more. Film fanatics can also rest assured that DStv and M-Net team will continue to create popular pop-up channels built around popular franchises or themes.

“It’s important for us to facilitate the best possible viewing experience for our DStv customers in our ever-evolving world of entertainment”, says MultiChoice Namibia MD, Roger Gertze. “ While the proposition of the current six movie channels – M-Net Movies Premiere, Action Plus, Action, Smile, Zone and All-Stars – made perfect sense when they launched years ago, recent comments and requests from our movie-loving DStv audiences indicated that it was time for a reboot.”

According to Yolisa Phahle, CEO of General Entertainment and Connected Video at MultiChoice Group, this is just the beginning – the first step onto an exciting planned journey of developments on the film front.  “In our quest to remain Africa’s most-loved storyteller, innovation and quality will always be key. Local movies will also play an increasingly important role, alongside screening  handpicked Hollywood films first on all our platforms.“

MultiChoice Group’s platforms include DStv satellite television, Showmax, Box Office, DStv Catch Up and DStv Now. 

The streamlined M-Net Movie channels arrangement for different DStv audiences will make it easier to find the right movie, at just the right time:

  • M-Net Movies 1 

(Channel 104 on DStv Premium)

This is the new number-one destination for the latest local and international feel-good, wholesome movies for the entire family. Those who loved the kid-friendly Animania festivals on M-Net Movies Smile, as well as blockbuster romcoms and gripping dramas, will need an ample supply of popcorn for the good times ahead.

  • M-Net Movies 2  

(Channel 106 on DStv Premium)

Buckle up! M-Net Movies 2 will unleash an adrenaline rush with recent heart-pumping, explosive action films. The schedule will be packed with all kinds of adventures and thrills and spills at maximum velocity!

  • M-Net Movies 3

(Channel 107 on DStv Premium and Compact Plus)

Welcome to the place where all the movie heroes and heroines hang out, either saving the day in adventure classics or inhabiting the imaginary worlds of sci-fi and fantasy. Sometimes, they even tickle the funny bones in star-studded comedies or show off their acting chops in gripping dramas. 

  • M-Net Movies 4

(Channel 108 on DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access and GOtv Max)

The world’s biggest blockbusters, as well as their prequels and sequels, are lined up here. While movie franchise lovers can enjoy great movies for hours on end, friends and family can join all the action and fun too. 

  • FliekNET

(Channel 149 on DStv Premium)

This channel will be showcasing locally produced blockbuster movies, classic favourites and a variety of Afrikaans film formats such as feature films, short films, story films, made-for-TV movies and documentaries. The channel will also feature new straight-to-kykNET films produced by South African filmmakers as part of the continuous investment in the local film and television industry.

  • KIX

(Channel 114 on Premium, Compact Plus & Compact)

Everybody was kung-fu fighting on this channel. The best of all Martial Arts movies will live here. This channel promises to bring all the viewers the best scenes from all-time favourites, from Jackie Chan to Bruce Lee – the family will definitely have to dedicate a day of the week to all the action.

  • M-Net Movies Pop-Up

(Channel 111 on DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact & Access)

To keep it fresh and exciting, there will be a host of festivals and themed surprises on these channels. Furthermore, the M-Net Movies team will continue cooking up more binge fests with M-Net Movies Pop Up channels. In future, these pop-up delights will be served on DStv Channel 111.

More information about the September  M-Net Movies line-up or full channel schedules visit:

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