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New Pop-Up Channel WildEarth launches on DStv

DStv announced a brand-new pop-up channel ‘WildEarth’ set to bring viewers face to face with the thrill of nature during daily LIVE safari shows from spectacular wildlife locations like: The Greater Kruger, KZN, the Kalahari and the Maasai Mara with many more locations still to be explored.

WildEarth’s mission is to connect people with nature by offering viewers the opportunity to feel like they are out there in nature experiencing it for themselves.

WildEarth launches on Tuesday, August 25th- November 25th on Channel 183.

WildEarth is launching as a 24/7 channel on DStv. “WildEarth is all about sharing nature with everyone so we can all see why we must conserve our beautiful home.” Says Graham Wallington a co-founder and CEO at WildEarth.

For over a decade WildEarth has been broadcasting LIVE and interactive virtual safaris from some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife destinations to a very dedicated community of people around the world on YouTube, Facebook and other content viewing platforms.

In a world that is becoming increasingly developed, many people are losing their connection with nature and this has an overall negative impact on our general well-being.

“It’s important for us that our customers always have access to the best possible content available. We will continue to source the best possible content as we strive to bolster the channels on offer on our platform,” says Roger Gertz , MultiChoice Namibia MD.

Restoring this lost connection with nature, even virtually, is scientifically proven to have a strong
healing effect and to reduce stress and anxiety levels. An immersive nature experience has a hugely beneficial effect on our well-being.

The LIVE broadcasts focus on making the viewer feel like they are actually on a safari vehicle bouncing around in Africa. The intention is not that the viewer is wowed and awed through gruesome or dramatic behaviour of wild animals but rather for them to have serendipitous moments of unscripted magic that touch the heart and let them suspend their disbelief and feel as if they are there.

For many WildEarth viewers these daily broadcasts were and are their only true connection with nature and they frequently share how this has helped them through difficult times in their lives and has supported their healing from physical and mental illnesses.

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