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Namibian Filmmakers Document Impact Of Covid-19 In Africa

Two young Namibian’s Bryan Nakambonde and Jorg Walter produced a docuseries titled Pandemic: Covid-19 in Africa for Mindset TV, Channel 319 on DStv.

The first episode of the documentary will air on 28 August at 15h30. The docuseries covers a range of topics over 4 planned episodes with research and interviews gathered over 3 months, with the help of 20+ students from 17 countries around the world, all working remotely.

According to the executive producers, Nakambonde and Jorg (who co-founded the producing organization Umwe Africa), the big idea behind the series is to give young people information that will allow them to understand, contextualize, and compare their country’s situation relating to the pandemic.

Nakambonde says on 18 March, his university made a wise but shocking decision to send all students home. After support from the University and generous friends, he arrived in back in Namibia three days later, on Namibia’s Independence Day.

“To my surprise (despite the unequivocal warning by the pilot) all passengers were transported directly to a quarantine facility. Making me part of the first group to be quarantined in Namibia,” he recalls in a Facebook post. “The quarantine had many pros and cons, but the company I had made it an unforgettable experience! Given my work with Umwe, it was a disguised learning curve on how the media works.”

Bryan Nakambonde

The two started the project on 11 May, with personal funds and are currently seeking more funds to carry out the project successfully. To support them, visit Umwe Africa.

Episodic focuses:

Episode 1: How COVID-19 Spread to Africa – This episode explores the journey of the pandemic from Wuhan to the first African countries to report cases. And how South Africa became the epicenter.

Episode 2: Lockdown and Law Enforcement – This episode explores social issues such as income, food security, police brutality, SGBV, and housing which have become worse or exist uniquely due to communities living under lockdown regulations and increased law enforcement involvement in communities.

Episode 3: Health care systems: This episode looks at what is needed to navigate a pandemic – An introduction to health care systems, their shape in Africa, and how they’re coping with the pandemic.

Episode 4: How COVID-19 is impacting Higher-Education in South Africa and Ghana – As an organization focused on making current affairs easier to consume for young people, they explore how the pandemic has impacted the education of young people through interviews with students and universities about the changes, solutions, and challenges.

Jorg Walter

Broadcasting and airing

Episodes will premier every 3 weeks after 28 August on Fridays at 15h30 CAT Mindset TV. Channel 319 on DSTV, Channel 309 StarSat, Channel 134 OpenView.

Reruns Saturday and Sunday 16h00.

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