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Gazza Is Namibia’s Artist Of The Decade

The Namibian Annual Music Awards came to an emotional end this weekend, with Gazza being crowned the Artist of the Decade.

The Artist of the Decade is given to an artist who has won the most awards over the 10-year NAMA period and is by far the best artist of the decade.

Gazza has won 18 Namibian Annual Music Awards over the past 10 years. He has been nothing but exceptional in his work, producing quality hits year in and year out.

Rose BLVC, who had already bagged 4 awards, added a fifth to her name when she scooped the Best Newcomer award.

The NAMAs ended in style as all nominees in the Artist of the Decade category lit the stage with never seen performances. The night kicked off with Exit showing why he is one of Namibia’s best performing artist taking the stage with Harry Simon Jr and declaring himself the undisputed champion of Kwaito.

Oteya took us back down memory lane with all her hit songs with a stand-up performance, while Lize Ehlers and Mushe showed why they have so many awards to their names.

The highlight of the evening was the introduction of some of Namibia’s legends back on the NAMA stage with D-Naff performing his old hit song Tsipi Tsipi, Killa B with Eliko, Stella with Kapepo, Michal !owos-aob with #nauhe tama xu-ige. Kapitol K who has been out of action for years from the music scene surprised everybody when he took the stage to perform one of Nambia’s greatest hits of all time, Tara Mate.

The NAMAs attracted a viewership of over 48 million viewers across the globe over its 10 year run. Yes, the NAMAs is no more, and that is hard to believe.

The NAMA team celebrating the end of an era (MTC)

In his farewell address, NAMA Executive chair Tim Ekandjo bid an emotional farewell to the NAMAs, thanking the artist and the industry for the overwhelming support as he recollected beautiful memories over the last decade. Ekandjo also handed out two special awards, one to Rockstar for their outstanding contribution to the NAMAs over the years and another to the NAMA House Band for having lifted the quality of music and performances by transitioning from only a few live performances to 100% live band performances which is what the fans appreciate.

This weekend’s NAMA premier show ended 8 full weekends of Namibian music with prize monies of over N$1.2 million.

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