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There Are A Plethora Of Low Budget Local Films On YouTube You Should See

Some time ago I’ve noticed a friend watch these overly dramatic and violent movies on YouTube and I didn’t pay any mind to them until I noticed that they are short and half-length films shot by young local filmmakers.

It is like an entire film industry on its own.

Forget the underwhelming performances, the confusing plots or the inferior production quality and focus on the content creation. These guys serve the starved Namibian cinephile with easily accessible content.

Now I suppose these guys care little for-profit. Unlike our mainstream films with bigger budgets feature experienced actors- these filmmakers do it either for the love of the craft, for themselves, their extremely loyal audience or all of the above.

It appears the general idea around these films is to evoke humour or raise social awareness or to simply just entertain- it doesn’t matter whether you understand what is going on, it’s there.

While the big guys in the local film scene were busy reaping the fruits of their 2018-2020 films through festival screenings and awards last year, these filmmakers were busy creating and uploading content. Some several films have been uploaded in 2020. I watched a number of these films over the holiday and if you look past the poor production quality or the non-existent continuity; you are met with gratifying confusing after watching every film.

Almost all filmmakers I talk to here on NamibInsider share the sentiment that initiative is the key in driving Namibia’s film industry to self-sustainability. Initiative is what these local filmmakers who shoot for YouTube have.

Here Is A List Of Some Of My Favourites:

Film snobbery aside, I have to admit, the above list and so many other similar films are guilty pleasures of mine. Check them out and enjoy!

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