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Cinemaverse Returns With Kenya’s Supa Modo- Local Filmmakers Invited To Screen Their Films

Cinemaverse, Goethe-Institut’s art-house film project, curated by Namibian Florian Schott and Zimbabwean filmmaker Nocks Chatiza, is returning after a brief Covid-19 imposed hiatus.

Cinemaverse has been running since early 2020 and is a project aimed at providing Namibia exposure to the art-house film genre from Africa and abroad.

Filmmakers from Namibia are invited to contact for more information on screening their films under this project.

The Goethe-Institut Namibia will continue the project and will on Wednesday 03 March 2021, 19h00 screen Supa Modo directed by Kenya’s Likarion Wainaina. The touching and inspiring Supa Modo follows a terminally ill girl who is sent to the rural village for her to cope with the last days of her life. Living with her teenage sister and overprotective mother poses challenges but does not stop her imagination to be super hero.

Marianne Nungo, Stycie Waweru in Supa Modo (OneFineDayFilms/GoetheInstitut/SupaModo)

The screening at the Goethe-Institut Namibia is open to the public at no cost and includes one serving of popcorn. Seats are limited and social distancing regulations will be observed.

‘Cinemaverse’ screenings will be scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month, unless specified otherwise in any promotional material.

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