‘Woestynpsalm’ To Start Production In April

Woestynpsalm, an upcoming Afrikaans film directed by Ben van der Walt and set mainly in the Namib Desert, is expected to kick off production on 23 April to May 10.

Woestynpsalm, which directly translates to Desert Psalm in Afrikaans, revolves around Nadia, a modest Protestant reverend, who drives extreme distances across the country every week to preach to a dying congregation. As she faces growing pressure from both neighboring churches and her family to reconsider her career, she finds herself torn between her family and her duty as a reverend.

Struggling between responsibilities, Nadia must discover what it means to be a mother, a daughter, and ultimately a woman in the religious community.

Written and directed by the Namibian-born filmmaker, Woestynpsalm will bring something new to Namibian and international audiences. Van der Walt studied film at the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts for Film and Television.

The creative team is additional made up of; Rex Sang (Director of Photography, Co-Producer), Anna Lee (Producer, Camera Operator), Anika Henning (Campaign Co-Manager, Designer, Casting Director), FC Smith (Camera Operator), Benjamin Jacobs (Sound Operator, Designer), Janay Coetzee (Production Designer), Maxim Velli (Graphic Designer, Web Developer), Danielle Jansen (Graphic Designer, Visual Creator).

Casting for Woestynpsalm is currently underway with closed auditions with potential actors. Open auditions will be announced in due time.

​The film is produced by Bosman Films, and a funding campaign is currently running with some awesome perks.

(Image: Bosman Films/Unsplash)

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