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‘Untitled’ Season 1: Episode 4 Recap- “Insecurities”

The fourth episode of Lavinia Kapewasha and Jenny Kandenge’s web series teases to be spectacular. Firstly, because it is the longest episode of the series, so far, running for 17 minutes, yay! Secondly, with an episode titled ‘insecurities’, you’d really get excited to see all those tiny things artists are really insecure about, but the episode borders on stagnation.

In episode three, we got to meet Biola’s sister Alicia and from Biola’s not-you-again expression in that episode you’d assume we’ll get to learn more about their relationship, but again, Untitled continues with the breadcrumb narrative it started off with.

Episode four, however, starts off pretty well with Leti having the most interesting statement of all. She starts off the episode by revealing how insecure she is about her body image while getting ready for a modelling audition. She even considers not going in for the audition.


Eventually, after some encouragement from a friend over the phone, she decides to go for the audition. Pageantpreneur and model Bobby Kanjoosa and Zavia Djohr guest star in this episode and as assistant and model scout.  Leti fails at her audition and is torn.

Then we get to see again, why Martin and Biola’s relationship is a sunken boat when Martin insists on spending less time apart from Biola. Biola also mentions her sister Alicia is a trainwreck… so I guess we’ll see how much of this is true in future episodes?

The episode also reveals why Martin took a brief hiatus from performing: his got booed at his last show, got drunk, fought with someone and just made a fool of himself on video. Radio presenter and actress Vanessa Kamatoto made an appearance in the show, as the shady radio host, who prior to Martin’s radio interview watched the video and laughed with a colleague. Martin is set on let bygones-be-bygones, promising that his next show will be a hit. Joyce, on the other hand, is set on not working with Martin again, refusing to accept his apology for acting a fool when she was his manager.

The episode ends with Zion giving Leti encouragement after her failed audition. Some intense moment there, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, right?

Four episodes down, six more to go. So far, despite the wishy-washy run of the episodes, I am fairly excited to see what more Untitled has to offer.

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Watch this week’s episode here:

‘Untitled’ Season 1: Episode 3 Recap- “Relationships”

“But we never do anything together, we haven’t even been on a real date yet,” Biola (Khadijah Mouton) is ‘bugging’ Martin (Freddy Mazila) to spend more time with her.

Martin’s response?: “We went to that lousy-ass performance of your friend’s last week.” Boy?!

This week, the Untitled web series is titled: ‘Relationships: Are We More Than F*ck buddies?’ and from the opening scene between Martin and Biola, it is clear that there is really no chemistry between Martin and Biola. It doesn’t help for Biola to pour her heart out to the guy, seriously.

Poet Lina guest stars in this episode as herself. She allows us to get a better glimpse of Zion (Fellipus Negodhi). No, we don’t see Zion perform poetry or whatever, we just understand that being weird is his nature. This scene opens with Lina reciting a poem about love. Lina even starts talking about her feeling a special connection between her and Zion.

At one point, it looks like Zion also feels the same way but no, he just got inspiration for his next piece. No, not as in Lina being his muse; Zion is inspired by the environment they are in. Eventually, Lina is weirded out and walks away. Zion sat there, not stopping Lina, beating his drum, alongside his Simba chips and Fanta Grape…

Later that day, Biola eventually decided to go to the art gallery with Leti (Elizabeth Hamurenge), who serves her tough love. “Everybody is just out for sex,” Leti will have Biola know. In essence, Leti and Biola have their girl power moment as Biola vows to have her own solo exhibition and Leti letting her know she’ll back her up if needed.

Oh, and Adrien (Rodelio Lewis) did the order-water-and-sneak-in-your-own-cheaper-wine trick at a bar. If you haven’t done this, or know of someone who has done this, you are not truly living. Or maybe life is just to good for you (or whatever, this isn’t about you). Anyway, joins Adrien and goes on about it being hard finding someone to connect with. Does this mean he wasn’t being an ass and really doesn’t feel like Lina? Lahja Haufiku makes a cameo in this episode and it has me wondering if she’ll be back for other episodes as Zion’s love interest? Also, when Adrien suggest for Adrien to ‘float to the other side’ instead, he cluelessly says he floats all the time- I don’t think Adrien was talking about being high, Zion.

Earlier in the episode, an enraged Biola told Martin to not bother coming back to her. Biola clearly didn’t take Leti’s advice to heart, because later at night, she is texting Martin asking if he is coming back. So maybe Martin is not the only one who wants to roll around in your bed, is he, Biola? By the end of the episode, Biola’s sister Alicia (JD Januarie) makes her first appearance on the show.

So far, the first three episodes have been rather meh, with anticipation being built throughout. Perhaps episode four is the episode we’ll get to see the entire characters get in their full glory?

The 10-episode web series airs on YouTube every Monday.

Watch this week’s episode here:

‘Untitled’ Season 1: Episode 2 Recap – “Exposure”

Continuing to shun a light on the plight of Namibian creatives, the second episode of Untitled is all about working for exposure because it is an undeniable fact that at least once in their lifetime, every creative will be approached by people who want free work.

The episode kicks off with Joyce (Chantell Uiras) paying Adrien (Rodelio Lewis) for a previous gig while offering him another corporate gig which she seems to have already sealed without his prior approval.  Adrien, being an upcoming artist and all, is very eager to do the gig, but tones down on his excitement when Joyce mentions that the gig will be unpaid. Joyce continues to make the unpaid gig lucrative as possible, convincing Adrien that he needs all the exposure he can get and encouraging to take up as much free work as he can, with the promise of more work in the future. For many creatives, this is a very familiar scenario- which for the most part they fall for, especially when people make it sound like they are doing them a favour.

Meanwhile, Martin (Freddy Mazila) is being pinned the same scenario. We learned from episode 1 that Martin is an established artist, but he has been MIA for quite a while and now, the event organiser, Kris uses this as the basis to not pay Martin to perform with the promise that it will get him back into the performance game.

Leti (Elizabeth Hamurenge) and Biola (Khadijah Mouton) are polar opposites when it comes to working with exposure. While Biola feels exposure won’t put food on the table, Leti feels doing every gig that comes her way, paid or unpaid, has helped her build a portfolio. I somehow agree with Leti- to an extent, being popular in the performance sphere can help build a portfolio and might lead to constant work, but is all the blood, sweat and tears worth it, especially if the promised exposure leads to absolutely nothing?

Can we talk about Joyce and Martin and whatever is going on there? From episode 1 there has been some weird chemistry thing going on between the two and with this episode, it is clear there they definitely had a past together. Anyway, this episode also exposes the double standard of Joyce, who sold an unpaid gig to Adrien but feels Martin is too good to perform for free. Again, we are teased with Adrien’s singing but never get to see him sing, maybe Joyce’s subtle shade is spot-on and Adrien has a good voice to beg bacon. Also, what’s up with everyone and their phones? Are artists really that vested in their phones??

The 10-episode web series will air on YouTube every week.

Watch this week’s episode below:

‘Untitled’ Is Finally Here- Season 1 Premiere Recap – “Pilot”

The first episode of Dark Grown Production’s web series, Untitled premiered on YouTube on 2 September 2019.

Untitled stars Chantell Uiras, Rodelio Lewis, Freddy Mazila, Khadijah Mouton, Elizabeth Hamurenge and Fellipus Negodhi as artists in 21st century Windhoek. The artists, Joyce (Uiras), Adrien (Lewis), Martin (Mazila), Biola (Mouton), Leti (Hamurenge) and Zion (Negodhi) all practice different art forms (writer, model, visual artist, singer, poet, actress and comedian/MC) and are all trying to make it big.

At least that’s what we make up from Uiras’s monologue about moving to Windhoek in search of greener pastures. The monologue runs over the beautiful scenery of Windhoek, making for a beautiful piece of cinematography in the opening scene.

“We chase fame, cries of laughter, our names in lights. Even if it costs us everything.”                                                                     –Untitled

Shot mostly at one of Windhoek’s most popular entertainment spots, Chopsi’s Bar, the show takes us through unfiltered, behind-the-scenes of what it means to be an artist struggling to make it in the ever-changing art scene of Windhoek.

This episode is largely focused on introducing the artists and we get to see the artists hangout and share drinks while being all smug about their individual artistic practices- really reminds you of people you might have met if you hang out at places like Chopsi’s.

The episode saw Lewis’s character Adrien take the stage as an aspiring singer, however, it cuts to another scene and we don’t get to see the actor stretching his vocal cords. The episode would’ve benefitted from having the ‘singer’ actually sing.

Untitled brings forth something fresh to the Namibian TV viewing scene and creators Lavinia Kapewasha and Jenny Kandenge deserve applause for the bold choices in how they chose to tell the story. While the execution of this episode was a little botched, the concept Kapewasha and Kandege used is great- it makes one excited to see the next episode!

The 10-episode web series will air on YouTube every week.

Watch the 15-minute episode below:

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