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NTN Calls On Freelance Artists To Submit Works

The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) is calling on Namibian freelance artists and creatives to submit their works to the theatre for a flat fee of N$1 000 after the realization of their proposed works.

According to the theatre’s Artistic Director Nelago Shilongoh, the project, titled ‘Impact of Covid-19 in Namibia: Artistic Responses and Creative Interventions’ is a financial relief project for freelance artists and creatives who have been left vulnerable due to the various interruptions in gigs and projects following the lockdown.

Shilongoh says the call-out is also aimed at facilitating the voices and perspectives of Namibian freelance artists, activists, creative and cultural workers, on the experiences, concerns and fears that citizens are faced with at the moment, with the impacts of Covid-19 in Namibia.

“We are calling on creative, informative or therapeutic works that reflect the theme: ‘Human Rights Implications amid the Covid-19 Pandemic in Namibia’. With this theme, we want to encourage those in the arts and cultural sectors to join in on the national conversation and perhaps propose policies to our leaders as well,” Shilongoh explains.

The project is open to all creatives from various art disciplines, including, but not limited to;  performances, storytelling sessions, readings, essays, visual designs, poetry, creative writing (blogs), innovative protests, hosting of talks, lectures, interviews, opinion pieces, etc.

NTN’s artistic director Nelagoh Shilongoh (Images: National Theatre of Namibia/Facebook)

“We are trying to be as flexible as possible for the several types of proposals that will come from the artists, activists, creative and cultural workers. It is not limited to performing artists only,” Shilongoh adds. “It is also important to keep in mind that applicants should be as innovative as possible as all works have to comply with the regulations set by the government during and post lockdown.”

Shilongoh further explains that the works will be featured on digital and alternative platforms by the NTN. Additionally, the NTN will not own rights to any of the works, as all intellectual property and copyright will belong to the applicants. The role of the NTN is to simply facilitate the process of important voices, assist with the accessibility of the works to the public.

“We are proposing that the applicants create their works within the comfort of their homes and possible means, and not to spend too much money, as only N$ 1000 will be granted for the artists to cater for some of their day-to-day needs,” Shilongoh adds.

To apply to this project, you need to complete an application form which can be requested by emailing prod@ntn.org.na

Closing date for application is Friday, 08 May 2020, 16H00.

Directorate of Arts Working On Means To Support Covid-19 Affected Creative Sector

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease, arts and cultural events in Namibia, including visual arts exhibitions, music launches, musical, dance and theatrical performances, craft markets, as well as learning spaces, such as the College of the Arts came to an indefinite temporary standstill.

In response to this, the Directorate of Arts in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, announced with input received from its stakeholders, they are currently working on modalities and mechanisms to support the sector.

Deputy Director of Arts Promotion & Creative Industry Development, M’kariko Amagulu said, however, the first area of action is to get government’s leadership to recognise the Cultural and Creative Industries sector and for the Ministry of Finance to identify the sector, as a ‘hard hit’, and therefore consider businesses from the within the sector to also benefit from the Economic Stimulus and Relief Package.

Amagulu in an interview with Namib Insider! said the Ministry of Finance is also being encouraged to ensure that artists and cultural practitioners also receive grants as provided for under the Support to households of the Package, due to the loss of income and employment opportunities since most artists and crafters are self-employed and represent part of the informal sector.

“The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, together with its art institutions, is busy establishing mechanisms to provide support through grants to support individuals and non-profit arts organisations to enable artistic projects that mitigate Covid-19 and to offer a window of therapy and entertainment during this uncertain time.”

“This is in order to add the artists’ voice on Covid-19 through participation, engagement, and entertainment while supporting continued creativity and offering an opportunity for creatives to come up with other ways of disseminating their work and growing their audiences through different media platforms.”

So far…

Amagulu confirmed that the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture through its agencies like the National Art Gallery of Namibia, National Arts Council of Namibia and National Theatre of Namibia, have not cancelled workshops, performances, exhibitions, grants and bursaries.

“Commitments to those activities remain and they will be supported, although most of the activities, except bursaries, have been postponed to later dates,” Amagulu said.

Amagulu said the Directorate of Arts and its institutions are also currently interrogating other avenues and methods of carrying out activities and thus supporting artists, such as using broadcast and digital platforms to ensure on-going creativity and to continue serving the public.

While the National Arts Council of Namibia has already completed most due payments for this financial year, they will, however, assess the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on its bursary beneficiaries.

“Therefore, should it be found that the pandemic affected the academic year or progress of bursary beneficiaries, the National Arts Council of Namibia will approach the relevant institutions to agree on amicable terms to assist affected recipients, so they may continue with their studies,” Amagulu said.

In regard to the College of the Arts, Amagulu said they have been working tirelessly to ensure that learning continues by exploring different allowable teaching methods, such as remote learning through various applications and platforms, as well as ways of conducting practical classes in a safe manner. Once this is finalised it will be communicated to the relevant stakeholders.

In the meantime…

According to Amagulu, the Ministry is willing to discuss possible means and alternative methods to assist artists during this period. It is, however, also expected that artists should also interrogate and come up with innovative approaches for carrying out their work.

“Going forward, I think more of our artists will also have to begin thinking out of the box to grow and reach more audiences and therefore consumers of their products and services, using online platforms and not just rely on one source of funding, one market and minimal spaces for art practices and execution,” Amagulu said.

Fashionista Jay-Aeron wearing the Jägermeister Namibia Jan Rooster Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection, a collaboration by Leah Misika & Melisa Poulton (Image: Beanii Boy Photoworks)

Amagulu said it is encouraging to see some artists are doing their bit to mitigate and support the fight against Covid-19 through their various disciplines, including those in fashion who are creating masks, musicians performing live online and comedians creating online content.

“Art is supposed to reflect the times, in this case, the current unpredictable time, through the various artistic disciplines, so as to engage and participate in advocating, educating and recording this moment,” Amagulu said.

Everything You Need To Know About The 2019 Namibian Theatre & Film Awards

The biggest and most anticipated night in Namibia’s stage and screen industry is fast approaching. The 2019 Namibian Theatre & Film Awards will take place on 5 October in the National Theatre of Namibia’s auditorium.

This year, the country’s entertainers and content creators within the theatre and film sphere will be competing in categories like Best Newcomer, Best Student Film, Best Adapted Script, Best Musical, Best Narrative Film, Best Documentary, Best Set, Stage & Costume, Best Production Design, Best Sound and Music, Best Editor, Best Cinematography, Best Music Video Editor as well as all the best directing, writing and acting categories in both theatre and film.

The nominees for the 2019 Namibia Theatre & Film Awards were announced on 12 September at the National Theatre of Namibia’s Backstage theatre by the theatre’s Public Relations Officer, Desiree Mentor and Media Personality & TLC’s first African Presenter, David Mbeha. Mbeha and Mentor will be dressed by Ingo Shanyenge and have their make-up done by Jay-Aeron who have both been selected as Official Designer and Make-Up Artist for the event.

Des Mbeha
David Mbeha and Desiree Mentor at the nomination ceremony on 11 September 2019. (Image: Namibia Film Commission)

This year, the bi-annual Namibian Theatre & Film Awards marks 5 years of celebrating Namibia’s theatre and film practitioners since the inception of the awards in 2010.

Here’s the deep dive on the 2019 event:


The official co-hosts of the 2019 Namibian Theatre and Film Awards are radio & TV Personality, singer/songwriter and MC and entrepreneur, Matthew ‘Mappz’ Kapofi and radio & TV Personality, Satirical Columnist and MC, Laurika Williams.


The 2019 Award ceremony will return to the National Theatre of Namibia’s auditorium on 5 October. The event will kick off with the Red Carpet at 18h00 and the Award Ceremony at 20h00.  The show will be broadcast on National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) afterwards (date and time to be communicated later).


As expected, in the film category, Oshoveli Shipoh’s feature film, Hairareb, Florian Schott’s short film Baxu and The Giants and Desiree Kahikopo’s feature film The White Line dominated this year’s nominations with a staggering of 7 nominations, each. In the theatre category, Nelagoh Shilongoh’s adaptation of August Wilson’s Fences reigned supreme with a total of 5 nominations, followed by Sepiso Mwange’s adaptation of Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun which earned 4 nominations. Senga Brockerhoff’s Every Woman and Donald Matthys’s Battered followed with 3 nominations, each.

The biggest snubs perhaps are Philippe Talevera’s film Salute, which didn’t get a single nomination and Ashwyn Mberi’s play Tales of Roses in Concrete which only received the Best Male Actor nomination.

For the FULL NOMINEE list, click HERE.


The ceremony will be attended by the media, film and theatre industry professionals and their partners and is by invitation only.


The Guest Speaker for the 2019 Namibia Theatre and Film Awards is South African actress known for her leading role in the movie and stage play Sarafina! and for her roles in other films such as Hotel Rwanda, Yesterday and Invictus, Leleti Khumalo.


The theatre jury consists of Prof. Sarala Krishnamurthy, Dr Juliet Pasi, Dr Suzette van der Smit and Mr Jonathan Sam while the film jury consists of Dr. Hugh Ellis, Ms Karlien Kruger, Ms Oshosheni Hiveluah and Ms Taleni Shimhopileni.


OYO Dance Troupe To Tackle Abortion With Latest Offering- ‘Ilithyia Gone Mad’

Girls 1
International Guest Eveline Castelein (front) with dance trainee Frieda Haufiku (back). (Images: Joshua Homateni)

‘Many people are quick to judge abortion on moral or religious grounds’, says Ombetja Yehinga Organisation’s (OYO) Founder and Director Philippe Talavera speaking on their latest offering titled ‘Ilithyia Gone Mad’- which will premiere in Windhoek at the Warehouse Theatre on 22 August 2019.

Highlighting the high rate of teenage pregnancies in Namibia, Talavera says in most cases, the fathers run away, while at times the family of the mother turns their backs on her and she is the one left with the burden of dealing with the pregnancy alone.

“Becoming a teenage mum often means dropping out of school and giving up on one’s dreams. Is it that always fair?’ questions Talavera.

Lift 3
OYO dancers Desmond Kamerika and Mary Jane Andreas.

Using OYO’s signature performance style- physical theatre-  OYO will look at the issue of abortion with ‘Ilithyia Gone Mad’– a dance piece inspired by the mythical figure of the Greek goddess of childbirth, Ilithyia.

The 10-member dance troupe of OYO will share the stage with international guest Eveline Castelein, who is pursuing a Master in Educational Sciences at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Castelein spent four weeks with the OYO dance troupe, during which time she helped create ‘Ilithyia Gone Mad’.

“I believe that dance can be a big part of that best practice because in my opinion dance can deepen the understanding of things and make knowledge and skills more accessible in the brain,” Castelein says.

At the premiere, Warehouse audiences will also be treated with a rendition of ‘Menarche’, another OYO dance troupe piece choreographed by Talavera.

After the premiere, ‘Ilithyia Gone mad’ will become part of the OYO’s repertoire and will be used to create awareness in schools and communities around the country.

The performance kicks off at 19:00. Entrance is free.

Theatre Review- ‘I am John’: A true celebration of the life and times of John Muafangejo

Director: Sandy Rudd
Playwright: Sandy Rudd
Musical Director: Lize Ehlers
Choreography: Haymich Oliver
Visual: Florian Schott
Cast: Peter Mwahalukange, Frieda Mukufa

Rating: ★★★★
‘I am John’ is an hour-long celebration of a great Namibian artist. Yes, I know he is a great man because I have seen the production. It is a celebration of fine art and togetherness. The production easily lived up to its hype.

Rudd and Ehlers delivered what they sold. The entire show had the most terrific combination of raw art and humane elements I’ve ever experienced in a theatre production. As young as I am, I have never fully understood John Muafangejo’s art better; he figuratively told his stories in black-and-white linocuts, with a very strong narrative component, speaking his joy and pain, with the latter seemingly driving his creativity.

Rudd’s production brought Muafangejo’s paintings to live, literally. Schott’s impressive visual undertakings perfectly intertwined with the traditional Oshiwambo hymns which were equally aligned with Oliver’s choreographic deliverance. Despite the, dare I say; tad bit messy choreography, I was able to understand the dramatic and humorous incidents of Muafangejo’s life: He was a lonely man, longing for companionship.

Rudd understood that Muafangejo’s concern was the life and fate of his own Oshiwambo (Kwanyama) people, especially their social and personal conditions and interactions and by carrying this throughout the production, she was able to incorporate religion, love, friendship and reconciliation with big emotions, big melodies and thrilling, yet oddly satisfying dance art which made for a great work of entertainment.

‘I am John’ is truly a celebration of the life and times of John Muafangejo.

National Theatre To Immortalize John Muafangejo with Musical Theatre offering

The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) will stage a musical theatre production in October on the late legendary Namibian Visual Artist John Muafangejo.

‘I am John: The Life & Times of John Muafangejo’ is a musical love story directed by theatre genius, Sandy Rudd with musical direction by award-winning songstress, Lize Ehlers.

Muafangejo was born on 5 October 1943 in Etunda lo Nghadi, Angola and died on 27 November 1987 in the Katutura Township, Windhoek.

He became internationally known as one of the most influential African artists of the 20th century. His work powerfully depicting people and events expressed in black and white imagery – often combine text with images, and contain references to the history and culture of Namibia.

Muafangejo known almost entirely as a printmaker, used a clear and unambiguous language through which he could literally and figuratively tell a story in black-and-white, and there is always a strong narrative component in his work.

Choreography to the upcoming musical is done by Haymich Oliver and Justina Andreas with the St. George’s School Choir.

The dress code to the event is black and white.

The production will stage for three days (10th to the 12th October 2018) at NTN. Tickets cost N$100. Students and Pensioners can get tickets for N$60. Tickets are available at Computicket.

WATCH: 10 Showtunes Guaranteed To Carry You Through The Day

The right music can make all the difference when you’re trying to be productive. What better way is ever there to get you pumped up than listening to tunes from the world’s best musicals? With that in mind, I’ve compiled the ultimate playlist to keep your day as driven as possible!

In no particular order, here are 10 of just some of the best tunes from stage and screen:

1. Defying Gravity – Wicked The Musical

2. Seasons of Love – Rent

3. Another Day of Sun – La La Land

4. Wait For It – Hamilton

5. Willkommen – Cabaret

6. This Is Me –  The Greatest Showman

7. Miss Baltimore crabs – Hairspray

8. Land Of Lola – Kinky Boots

9. Dancing Queen – Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

10. Night wish – The Phantom Of The Opera


Bonus Track – just because we are ALL starstruck by Lin-Manuel Miranda!

You’re Welcome – Moana (Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jordan Fisher version)

Windhoek International Dance Festival Comes September 2018

(featured Image: Anchen Wille Dance Academy Dancers Namibia by Joanne Brand)

The second season of the Windhoek International Dance Festival (WIDF) will expose the creativity in dance while also creating an opportunity for dancers to showcase their skill. This bi-annual event is entitled INTER.ACT.S which focuses on bringing different artists together in order to create dance work in unconventional spaces.

Taking place at Windhoek’s College of the Arts, 41 Fidel Castro St, from 26-29 September 2018, the festival will feature a potpourri of local and international dance artists such as Cocoon Dance Company (Germany), Themba Mbuli (SA),Sven-Eric Müller (SA/Nam). Other works that will be included are; Da-mâi Dance Ensemble, Moon Goddess Dance Studios, Ombetja Yehinga Organization (OYO), Anchen Wille Dance Academy Dancers, Dantagos Dance, Golden, Khadijah, Nesindano Namises, H2E Dance Studio, First Rain Dance Theatre, BTM Squared, Enchantè, Genesis, Nikhita Winkler Dance Theatre, Windhoek’s Finest Dance Crew, Old Location Cultural Group and Makgona Ngwao.

COCOON Dance Company - Germany

Below is a selection of activities that dance enthusiasts and art lovers can look forward to:

Lab-based Platform

Under the theme “Inter-Acts”, the festival will kick off with a lab based platform where artists re-imagine movement and the relationship between the audience and the performer facilitated by Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja. These process based pieces will be showcased throughout 26- 29 September 2018 from 19h00, free of charge.


The festival will include a series of workshops ranging from contemporary, creative dance, lyrical hip hop, traditional dance, Afro-fusion and Afro-pop. These workshops will be held at the College of the Arts studios and will be facilitated by local and international dancers/choreographers and dance teachers. Registration and payments for these workshops will be done at the College of the Arts, 41 Fidel Castro Street on or before the day of the workshops. Participants can look forward to a free class if they book for three workshops.

Boom Box Stage

The “Boom Box” stage on the pedestrian route of Fidel Castro, Saturday 29 September, will see dancers from different dance styles perform from 6-7pm. This platform is free to the public.

Main Stage

This platform entitled ‘Courtyard’ at the College of the Arts will showcase a diversity of genres, including traditional Damara-Nama, Setswana, Pantsula, Hip-hop, Contemporary and Belly dance by international acts, celebrated local dance companies as well as emerging dance performers. This will take place on 26, 27 and 28 September, from 19h00 to 21h00. Tickets are going for N$100 in advance and N$120 at the gate. In advance tickets are available at the College of the Arts.

Themba Mbuli - SA

The festival is made possible through partnerships with the National Arts Council of Namibia, FirstRand Namibia, Goethe-Institute, The National Theater of Namibia, Turipamwe Design and The Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Follow the festival on Facebook here. Official hashtags are #WIDF18 #whkdancefest18



[Featured] #DragDay: 10 Legendary RuPaul’s Drag Race Lip Syncs!

Hello, Hello, Hello! It’s International Drag Day!

Drag is becoming more and more visible and accepted, and from my POV, mainly by the contribution of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which has snatched 12 nominations for this year’s Emmy Awards.


Drag Race has already snatched four Emmy wins in the past, with the mastermind behind the show, RuPaul Charles, taking home two consecutive trophies for outstanding host for a reality or reality-competition program.


Lip syncing in drag is an important, but not limiting, part of the art form that is Drag, which is why I have listed my Top 10 RuPaul’s Drag Race and All Stars lip syncs of all time.

Now, in no particular order, Here is some Drag Race GOLD:

1. Shangela vs. Trixie – Freaky Money

2. Monét X Change vs. Dusty Ray Bottoms – Pound The Alarm

3. Bob The Drag Queen vs Derrick Barry- You Make Me Feel

4. Alyssa Edwards vs Tatianna – Shut Up And Drive

5. Kalorie Karbdashian Williams vs Vanessa Vanjie Mateo – Ain’t No Other Man

6. Vivacious vs Kelly Mantle – Express Yourself

7. BenDeLaCreme vs BeBe Zahara Bennet – Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here

8. Raven VS Jujubee – Dancing On My Own

9. Sasha Velour vs. Shea Couleé  – So Emotional

10. Ginger Minj & Sasha Belle vs Jaidynn Diore Fierce & Tempest DuJour – Think We’re Alone Now