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Joel Haikali’s Invisibles (Kaunapawa) To Screen In Brazil

Invisibles (2019), Joel Haikali’s arthouse short film is proving popular at international film festivals, having just recently selected to screen at the Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival in Brazil, which opened on the August 20 and will close on August 30 2020.

The 16-minute film follows two individuals feeling irrelevant to the world who run into each other at a low point in their lives. Instead of drowning together, they go on a journey to self-love and freedom. By travelling the majestic Namibian outback, the landscape of the psyche of a post-Apartheid nation and theirs, they find their place.

The film won the Best Cinematography award at the Namibia Theatre & Film Awards 2019 and selected to screen at various international festivals including Quibdo Africa Film Festival in Colombia; the Africlap Film Festival in Toulouse, France; the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, USA; Mashariki African Film Festival in Rwanda; Africa Film Festival Cologne in Germany and Le Festival cinémas d’Afrique –Lausanne, Switzerland.

Screenshot from Invisibles (Image: Provided)

Haikali says with Invisbles, he challenged his creative boundaries and tested his confidence in intuition.

The writer and director says the process helped him discharge his creative inhibitions, and to do what he often might have suppressed creatively- being free with filmmaking.

“I also wanted to use what is at my disposal such as our unique locations, diverse skillsets and myself in a very intimate way by directing the creative process and also being one of the leading actors. It is personal and political at the same time while allowing space for interpretation. In the end it’s also about re-presentation of image and about taking that in our own hands. Often ‘the world’ and that includes ourselves on the continent doesn’t expect certain images from Africa and I have been hungry to add to the alternative visions of what we see, experience and interpret,” he says.

The Joe Vision Production film stars Salmi Nambinga, Kaudife Haikali, Tulimelila Shityuwete, Vilho Nuumbala, and Cecil Moller.

Interview with KinoNamibia Film Festival Coordinator, Andreas Elifas

Andreas Elifas- KinoNamibia Project Coordinator (Image: Facebook)

The KinoNamibia Film Festival is returning for the third year this August. The festival gives amateur filmmakers and film enthusiasts the confidence to create stories with film and learn about the art of filmmaking.

KinoNamibia (which recently changed its name from KinoNamia) allows amateur and professional filmmakers to meet up at one place, connect and create a film within 48 hours.

Festival Coordinator, Andreas Elifas says he realised that most people want to get into filmmaking but find it difficult, thinking one needs expensive equipment to be a filmmaker. Elifas believes in the power of collaboration and adds that the KinoNamibia platform helps amateur filmmakers realise that with the right amount of creativity, one can simply shoot with a mobile phone.

Elifas is a creative with a demonstrated history of working in the Marketing, Advertising, Filming & Events Industry, skilled in Graphic Design, Photography and Filming. Namib Insider spoke to Elifas more on the creation of KinoNamibia and himself:

KinoNamibia Team
Some of the KinoNamibia team members: (from left to right): Andreas Elifas, Tutaleni Iilonga, Comfort Ajibola and The First Victor. (Image: Provided)

What motivates you and your team to do this festival?
The fact that we can get to express our creativity when we promote the festival. The interest in the festival is great and it keeps us going. We also like seeing how everyone at the festival engage with each other and work together to create great content within 48 hours. The films always come out great.

How do you think the festival has improved this year?
I can only really tell the improvement after the festival in August, as for now we are busy preparing for it, but what I can say, is that we will be accepting more participants this year, around 200. The fact that we have more support coming from sponsors also makes our work easier.

Do you see the festival expanding beyond Windhoek into other parts of Namibia?
We would love to roll out to regions, but we realise it is a big step considering all the logistics we need to take care of. We are a mere 3 years old, which I see is too soon to take up that challenge but in the near future, we definitely will.

Planning a film festival like this can be daunting, I imagine. Can you describe the physical and emotional duress of putting on a festival like this?
It’s very difficult and requires a lot of focusing and discipline- you have to look at everything from dealing with a team with different personalities and delegating them, to make sure that things run smoothly. If things don’t run accordingly, you will face trouble during the time of the festival. Simple things like not having access to the internet could ruin your plans as most of the marketing is done online, so you have to constantly be online and ready to respond to any queries that people ask online as soon as possible.

Is there any Namibian filmmaker you look up to?
I would say, Florian Schott, the director of Katutura. I admire his consistency and the fact that he is always willing to share his knowledge in filmmaking.

KinoMascots (Image: Provided)

So, what’s the story around the Orange Mascots?
The Orange Mascot is an idea I thought would be cool for the festival. They are inspired by the Green Screen. Filmmakers usually use people dressed up in green tights to carry people when they shoot films like Superman, so we decided to have ours in Orange since the branding for KinoNamibia is also Orange.

KinoNamibia is slated for 24-26 August 2019 at Goethe-Institut Namibia. The festival is sponsored by the Namibia Film Commission, FNB Namibia, Cramer’s Ice-Cream, Goethe-Institut Namibia and One Africa TV.

Want to be part of KinoNamibia 2019? Purchase one of 200 passes that will be sold at Cramer’s from the end of July 2019 for N$20 and guarantee your spot. Or simply apply here (Kino3) to have your information ready for the festival.

Namibian short film, ‘Another Sunny Day’ headed to Rhode Island

Another Sunny Day’ a short non-fiction film by Tim Huebschle has been selected as part of the 12th edition of the Short Short Story Film Festival, which will take place in Providence, Rhode Island on Saturday, November 24th.

Highlighting albinism, the film tells the story of how life must be for someone whose skin has no protection from the sun, living in a country that averages over 80% sunshine during any given year.

With several hundred quality submissions from more than seventy countries, ‘Another Sunny Day’ made it as one of the selected 36 films, which will be showcased in two programme of 18 films each. The film will be showcased under the Heartstrings programme.

Thirty countries from six continents are represented, with 26 films making their U.S. premieres, including eight world premieres. 

Festival goers vote on their three favorite films to determine award winners in each program. A panel of Spoiler Alert Radio interviewees judge the films and selects the best in each program. Commissioned custom art objects created by past festival participants are presented to the winners.

The film previously made it to the top 10 finalists of the Discovery Channel ‘Don’t Stop Wondering’ Award.

Huebschle submitted the film to over 150 festivals using FilmFreeway, an online festival submission platform that allows you to filter out festivals according to entrance fees, etc. Of those 150 plus submissions thus far 15 were successful. Roughly 10%.

Tim Huebschle

“My goal was to basically spend no money on submitting ‘Another Sunny Day’ to festivals, because the movie was made on zero budget,” Huebschle says.

This is what the films’ journey has looked like thus far with 15 festival screenings all over the world:

• TriForce Short Film Festival
United Kingdom
December 2, 2017

• Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival
Sao Paulo, Brazil
August 26, 2018

• Copenhagen ShortFilm Festival
Copenhagen, Denmark
November 8, 2018

• Gold Coast Film Festival / Commonwealth Games 2018
Surfers Paradise, Australia
April 4, 2018

• Jozi Film Festival / Discovery Channel
Johannesburg, South Africa
September 21, 2017

• Festival del Cinema Africano, d’Asia e America Latina
Milan, Italy
March 21, 2018

• Silicon Valley African Film Festival
San José, United States
October 5, 2018

• AfryKamera
Warsaw, Poland
April 21, 2018

• Shorts@Fringe
Azores, Portugal
May 25, 2018

• Dieciminuti Film Festival
Ceccano, Italy
March 20, 2018

• International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival
Istanbul, Turkey
April 10, 2018

• International Film Festival on Disability (FIFH)
Cannes, France
September 16, 2017

• InShort Film Festival
London, United Kingdom
September 14, 2018
• Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival
Kisumu, Kenya
November 11, 2017

Rijeka, Croatia
December 2, 2017

“The film came from a place of passion and the greatest reward is to see that the passion transcends our national borders,” Huebschle says.