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New Afrikaans Entertainment, Lifestyle & Drama Coming To kykNET This October

There is lots of drama, intrigue, excitement and light entertainment for viewers from the end of September on kykNET.

Buildings and history. Cooking and quality. Thoughts and hope. That is what is on the menu in Toegang, a new lifestyle programme presented by Nataniël that starts on 5 October at 20:30 on kykNET (DStv channel 144).

Net Koffie is also another new lifestyle program about coffee that starts on 3 October at 18:00 on kykNET (DStv channel 144), with Henriëtte Marx as the presenter.

Also get ready for the light drama, Ekstra Meduim, from 22 September 20:00 on kykNET (DStv channel 144). With stars such as Cintaine Schutte, Wilhelm van der Walt, Llandi Beeslaar and Marvin-Lee Beukes.

Stay tune directly afterward for the new series from Louis Pretorius (Die Boekklub and Fynskrif), Kompleks, that starts 22 September at 20:30 on kykNET (DStv channel 144). Look out for Armand Aucamp, Roeline Daneel, and Crystal-Donna Robets. Koos Kombuis is the narrator.

Arendsvlei starts season 3 with four episodes per week and Tussen Ons starts with a new format from 5 October on kykNET&kie (DStv channel 145).

Here’s A Breakdown of Everything You Can See on kykNET This October:

Absa MegaBoere | Agriculture |Starts Monday 5 October at 20:00

The fifth season of the popular Absa MegaBoere is here. In previous seasons, the focus fell on the profit and turnover of farmers operating on an enormous scale. But the Absa MegaBoere team soon discovered that “mega” has another meaning which can be measured differently.

There also farmers who are mega in the application of technology, mega marketers, and a whole lot of other megaheroes. Absa Megaboere will visit 13 of these game-changers who create new opportunities by moving off the beaten tracks – farmers who each contribute in their unique way.
In the first episode of the new series, presenter Kabous Meiring and the team travel to Uganda, a country with only around a hundred commercial farmers, to get to know the innovators behind Grainpulse.

In the programme of 12 October, we meet Patrick de Wet of De Wet Vrugte, and on 19 October, it is time for the inspirational story of Lawrence Hoatson and his company, Tekwani. On 26 October, we revisit Piet Karsten, the very first farmer to be featured on the Absa MegaBoere series. In this episode, viewers are introduced to his son, Pieter Karsten, the new leader of the Karsten Group. Pieter is taking their business to new heights, but it is their empowerment of others that is truly inspirational.

Toegang |Lifestyle |Starts Monday 5 October at 20:30

Buildings and history. Cooking and quality. Thoughts and hope. That is what is on the menu in Toegang, a new lifestyle programme presented by Nataniël.

As stylish as ever and dressed in his distinguishing designer clothes, Nataniël is going to visit places where the man on the street has not had access to in months. With his pop-up kitchen – a one-plate stove, two pans, one pot, and just the most necessary utensils – he is going to cook up a storm.

“It was wonderful getting access to places where only a few people are allowed in,” says Nataniël. “Even under normal circumstances, people will not have the opportunity to go to where we went. We are not telling viewers beforehand where the episode was filmed, and they are going to be surprised by what you can cook with only a pop-up kitchen available. The style of the programme is new, all the music is original compositions, and those who watch with a trained eye, will see all the extra detail.”

In the series, Nataniël is going to explore art collections, discover surprising facts about iconic buildings, and show what can be done with the most basic ingredients. He will also introduce artists that were part of the development of his range of dinnerware, jewelry, and table cloths.
The series was shot during level 3 of lockdown.

“To work within the rules and regulations and to protect the production team, took a lot of effort,” says Nataniël. “It was strange. The biggest challenge was not to eat the food that I cooked or not to have something to drink after filming. All the years in Nantes we wrapped up every day with a small celebration, but this time we couldn’t. We did, however, work very hard to create a full viewing experience, and I changed everything I could for the new series – the rhythm, visually, musically as well as the content.”

How would Berdene Burger, the producer who has worked behind the scenes with Nataniël for many years, describe him in three words? “Hyperintelligent, meticulous, and full of flour!”

The recipes will be available after the episodes on kykNET and Nataniël’s platforms. It will also be available in English on Nataniël’s entertainment blog that will be launched just before the series starts. Toegang is a series of hope, timeless design, new realities, and the unquenchable spirit of Nataniël.

Mooimaak met Clare Wiese-Wentzel |Lifestyle |Starts Thursday 1 October at 21:00

Clare Wiese-Wentzel and her team of specialists are back for another season. The focus will not only be on outward appearance but also on finding the participants’ inner beauty.

Participants include Riëtte, a widow from Rawsonville, who is struggling to get over the death of her husband, and Jo and Tanya, a married couple, trying to live a healthier life. We also meet Michelle, a woman who gave up on her own life to support her son with his rehabilitation.

Elders: Pelgrimstog van Hoop |Travel |Starts Wednesday 30 September at 20:00

It is said that a camino or pilgrimage starts at your front door. For Erns Grundling it started with doing the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Later he went on a walkabout in Japan, with the SAFTAaward-winning series Elders: Japan.

For the third series of Elders, he is keeping it local, traveling from his home in Cape Town to Agulhas, the Cape Winelands, and the Overberg.

“The biggest challenge with the making of the series, was staying healthy,” says Erns. “We had to shoot the series in three weeks, traveling more than 300 km, doing everything in our power to not get ill. The pre-production was done during level 4, and we were unsure about so many aspects of the production – from the guests to where we were going to stay. Fortunately, everything fell into place and we could start filming on 1 June. We realised very quickly that people were hungry for visitors and some company.”

The “Pelgrimstog van Hoop” (Pilgrimage of Hope) was developed by the theologist Frederick Marais. Numerous churches, missionary stations, and monuments to celebrate freedom, lie on this route.

“I met Frederick and Adrienne Bester of Communitas in Stellenbosch a couple of years ago,” explains Erns. “The Pilgrimage of Hope was Frederick’s idea after he walked the Camino in 2012. He initially planned the route from Robertson to Agulhas, but it now stretches from Stellenbosch to Agulhas.”

The special guests on Elders: Pelgrimstog van Hoop include Dana Snyman, Kabous Meiring, Dave Pepler, Hemelbesem, Duane Vermeulen and Lynelle Kenned.

“When I did the pilgrimages in Spain and Japan, we knew I would meet up with other walkers. With the new series, we knew I would be the only pilgrim because of the lockdown. So, we decided to invite guests to walk certain parts of the route with me.”

Erns believes that South Africa can become a popular pilgrimage destination.

“Especially in times like these where international travel is limited, and people are looking for affordable alternatives. I was blown away by the Pilgrimage of Hope. The natural beauty is as impressive as the Camino in Span, and the history involved makes it an even more remarkable experience. Add the wine farms along the way where you can relax, and you have a winner,” he says. “I hope this series will inspire viewers to support local tourism and pilgrimages and that we will see many more people wearing red hats walking from Stellenbosch to Agulhas, the most southern point in Africa.”

Bolhuis | Reality | Starts Thursday 15 October at 20:00

Mike Bolhuis doesn’t mince his words, and in the second season, it is no different. In the first episode, Mike and his team show what they do to fight the war on drugs, and in the second episode, we meet Ferdi Barnard, the ex-policeman and hitman who served 20 years in jail for the murder of the academic Dr. David Webster. But who is the real Ferdi Barnard?

We also meet the parents of a girl who is still looking for her murderer. We see how people are swindled out of their money, and we have a look at Mike’s rescue operation of 2 134 flamingos from a drought-stricken dam near Kimberley.

Net Koffie |Lifestyle | Starts Saturday 3 October at 18:00

Do you start your day with a cup of coffee? If so, yours is one of 2,25 billion cups drunk worldwide every day. Americans alone drink 400 million cups of coffee per day in an industry that uses 10 million tons of coffee yearly.

Net Koffie is a new lifestyle programme about coffee with a focus on Nicaragua in Central America – a country with more than 44 000 coffee producers. Recipes will be shared, and well-known personalities like Clint Brink, Ricus Nel, and Jenna Clifford will learn more about the joys of coffee. Henriëtte is a South African entrepreneur and the owner of Coffee Excellence. She loves coffee. She is also a mother, friend, partner, and not somebody who says no to a challenge.

“Today, I look back on nearly 10 years in which I had to believe in myself, learn from my mistakes, and celebrate my triumphs. I could not do that without the encouragement of my team, friends, and family, my children, my life partner, and God, who walked this path with me. Without these people, I wouldn’t be able to tell all these wonderful coffee stories.”

Henriëtte says you can’t appreciate anything fully until you have been sucked in by the story of “this beautiful white flower, amazing green plant, bright red fruit, and the coffee bean”.
“The more I learned about the history, traditions, and culture around coffee, the more tales, and enthralling life stories came to me,” she says. “It has always been a dream to tell the story, the real story, about coffee, and what a privilege to do it with the director of the series, Ronel Moodie.”
What is the secret of a good cup of coffee and who will enjoy this programme?

“The best coffee is the one you like best, but it must be freshly roasted, freshly ground, and made the way you prefer. I am hesitant to have too many rules linked to this amazing product,” says Henriëtte. “This programme is for everybody who drinks a cup of coffee every morning, appreciates nature, likes to travel, and loves people. Net Koffie is going to take you on a journey to Nicaragua for nothing but the best coffee.”

Die Siener | Reality | Starts 30 September 20:30 on kykNET

The clairvoyant, Gerard Burger, is back for a second season. In this upcoming season he still doesn’t know where the team will take him. He’ll do readings of ordinary people, celebrities and will also do haunting buildings.

This will also be the first season that a history researcher will be on and give more context to viewers, featuring South African celebrities such as Boer Damian, Fezile Mapela, Lizz Meiring, Erik Holm, Jak De Priester and even the comedian, Schalk Bezuidenhout.

All of the celebrities opened themselves up to Gerard and he will also look at some of South Africa’s infamous “characters” from our history. Especially our political history. The reactions will shock viewers and take them on a rollercoaster of emotions like they’ve never experienced before.

Die Uitnodiging | Reality |Starts Tuesday 6 October at 21:00

Die Uitnodiging is a TV series that tries to resolve family disputes, heal broken friendships. A mediator reports a deeply disturbing problem. Presenter Cato Bekker visits the fighting parties. How will this story end? Can we get arch enemies to talk to each other after years of silence or will they continue to ignore their telephone calls?

After Etienne’s grandma passed away, he noticed something: his beloved uncle Neil stopped visiting his mother, Beverley. Odd, since these siblings once used to be so close. What could have gone wrong? Cato hands Etienne, Beverley, and Neil The Invitation. Waiting anxiously for that limo door to open …

Grace and Lee-Hana grew up together and once were inseparable. But then they drifted apart. Grace works in the Overberg. She misses her best friend terribly and wonders why they are struggling to get together. While Lee-Hana speculates why Grace no longer bothers to pop in when visiting their home town. Cato tries to persuade them to dine together.

Cathy calls for help after the sisters broke up. Cato listens to Denise, Lizzie, Felicity, and Cathy. What on earth could have happened to cause such animosity between sisters who were once so close? Perhaps what happened after their mom’s death? Who’ll get out of the limo to dine together? Hold thumbs …

Ekstra Medium | Light Drama | Starts Tuesday 22 September at 20:00

Bertie and the interesting bunch of characters in Ekstra Medium, which started in September, have already caught viewers’ attention. Llandi Beeslaar, the actress known as the character Mielie in Die Republiek van Zoid Afrika, plays Kleintjie in this new series.

Tell us more about your character in Ekstra Medium?
I am Kleintjie, Bertie’s (Wilhelm van der Walt) best friend from school. She is one of those rare people who stayed in her hometown and kept her world small, but who’s not bitter about it. I wish I was more like her. I get restless if I stay in one place for too long.

Was the series as much fun to make as it is to watch?
Oh, my goodness, it was great. I was very nervous before we started filming because I am a theatre baby. I was not prepared for the scale and speed of a TV series, but I was very fortunate to have somebody like Beer [Adriaanse, the director and co-writer] to help me through the tough parts. Fortunately, I also know most of the team and that helped with the anxiety.

Is a character like Mielie a blessing or a curse?
We have nothing in common except for the size of our pants (LOL). She has a life of her own. I think she is like most forces of nature and a bit of both – a blessing and a curse.

There is a group of younger actors, writers, and directors making their mark now. How do you see the future?
I don’t know if I am the right person to ask because I am just that little bit older, but I do think youth is a wonderful thing. It comes with fresh ideas and confidence that only young people can pull off. I always hope that the group following me, do better than I did. Work wiser, diversify. Do everything. Learn from everybody.

Is there a series, play, or film you would like to write and direct?
Oh, yes! The list is very long. I am sitting with a heap of half-written texts, films, and series that I would like to do one day. I think I would rather go into directing – I enjoy the process of a project more than anything else.

Kompleks | Drama | Starts Tuesday 22 September at 20:30

The show stars Arthur Falko, Melissa Myburgh, Roeline Daneel, Armand Aucamp, Greta Pietersen en Ivan Botha. In the first two episodes, we met the characters in Kompleks and saw four hearts joined in one soul.

Sean tells Mika of his secret hobby and her reaction surprises him. In another universe, an older Mika is caught off-guard when Frida interferes with her love life. Sean and Belinda get to know each other.

Sean and Mika discover the stars that sends their relationship in another direction. In another universe, an older Mika is struggling to come to terms with her husband’s death.
Sean fights with his dad and Mika fights with her mother. Both are hurting more than they realise. In another universe, an older Sean is playing cello and missing his dad while Mika finds out that her daughter is hiding something from her.

Kom Ons Jol 3 | Music program | Starts Saturday 3 October at 20:00

Saturday evening’s jolly music programme is back. The presenters are Hamilton Wessels and Leandie du Randt. Kom Ons Jol is filled with Afrikaans party music and in every programme, one of the country’s biggest entertainers join for a virtual concert. Viewers are part of the programme for the first hour.

They can join the show via Zoom and are also encouraged to send in videos and messages. In the new season of Kom Ons Jol, there are also numerous prizes up for grabs.

Voetspore: Reünie 11 | Travel | Starts Sunday 25 October at 20:00

A new season for nature lovers to enjoy the majestic beauty of our country and the continent.
The journey of Voetspore continues, titled Voetspore Reunion. Voetspore Reünie is a series of Johan Badenhorst and friends who revisit the past 10 Voetspore series.

The team visited close to 40 African countries and traveled for 300 000 km on the continent. It was time for a get-together, reflecting on how Africa changes since the first series.

They start at Cape Cross in Namibia and travel across southern Africa, through Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, and Swaziland, to the coast of Kwa Zulu Natal.
They reflect on their journeys on the African continent since 2000 whilst discovering new adventure destinations. This is a reunion of 12 adventurers.

Glam Guru | Lifestyle | Starts Sunday 4 October at 17:30

Hannon and his team are back for more amazing transformations.
In the first episode, Jolene, who is single and unemployed, is hoping that a new look will help her on a new life path. Rosa looks after her bedridden husband. There isn’t any time or money for her to treat herself, but after she lost 21kg, she decided to ask Hannon for help.

Then there is Tarisha, a 19-year old teacher’s assistant, who struggles with low self-esteem, but with Hannon’s help, she realises what her full potential is. In the last programme in October, it is Maysha’s turn. She is a leader at work but can be intimidated easily. That’s why she wants a look that will make her feel in control.

Getroud met Rugby |Soapie | Weekdays at 18:00 op kykNET

The struggle between Liam and his mother-in-law, Priscilla, escalates when Priscilla wants to become more involved in Candice’s web series. Simon tells Renate that they can’t be friends anymore but is upset when he finds out that she is friends with Lulu.

Jordan gives a self-defense class to the women, but it ends in chaos when one of them breaks his nose. Blitz and Lienkie get married in court, and their friends are shocked when they find out. Wynand follows in Blitz’s footsteps when he starts seeing three pompom girls at the same time.
Bart has a plan to win Kristien back, and he asks Renate to help.

The Stryder community is shocked when they hear that Potties is going to be demolished, but then their favourite watering hole gets a new owner. Ryno finds out somebody stole the designs for his clothing range. Blitz and Johan are worried about Lienkie’s health. Renate meets her neighbour Willem Meiring, a handsome broker.

Suidooster | Soapie | Weekdays at 18:30 on kykNET and kykNET & kie

The huge amount of money that the Daniels brothers and Justin came upon, is starting to cause problems when Nazeem and Joy also want a piece of the pie. But then the owners demand their money back and lives are in danger.

Tim is itching to get involved in a new development, but Bridgette refuses to work with the owner. Tim goes behind her back and makes contact with Wilmien Baderhorst, a woman who comes with her baggage. Before long, the Jacobs family has to cope with her strange requests.

Mymoena is losing her patience with AB and Farah, but does that mean the end of Ruiterbosch’s most loved couple? Kate’s handsome grandson is in Ruiterbosch for a short holiday, and Joy recognises him from a naughty evening years ago. She doesn’t fall for his charms while he scams everybody with a charity project where all the money raised, disappears into his pocket.

Binnelanders | Soapie | Weekdays at 19:30 on kykNET

Tracy Smit and Conrad’s relationship is in trouble, and she must fall back on old tricks to stay afloat. She needs her place in the sun, but what do you do if you are manipulated and your past comes back to haunt you?

Tertius realises he is a free man, and he can enjoy his bachelor’s life. But then somebody gets hurt, and Tertius might get a permanent house guest. Fate also has an impact on Danny and Chanel’s relationship. Danny is adamant to show how he feels about Chanel, but does she feel the same way?

Hugo Voss is always in control of his feelings but not when Julia Wessels is around. When she turns up at Binneland Kliniek, it throws his life upside down because he is not sure where he stands with her. Julia is not the only new face at the hospital. Rita Nortier also joins, but it is soon clear that there is something she is trying to avoid. We also find out who is behind Gigi and Ian’s hacking crisis, but why did they do it?

Arendsvlei | Telenovela | Monday to Thursday at 19:30 from 28 September on kykNET & kie

Season 3 kicks off on 28 September with four episodes per week for this popular Telenovela!
Naz (Carmen Maarman) walks into Anton’s bakery and jumps in when she sees that he needs help. Captain Krige (Brendon Daniels) is back in Arendsvlei to try and solve a case, and he gets to know Janice better when they are both awake late at night. Pieter van Schalkwyk’s parole is coming up and that means Wendy’s secrets are in danger. Debra is shocked when she finds out more about her mother. Will she be able to forgive her for the fact that she first lied about her father and then her grandfather?

Tussen Ons | Talkshow | The new format starts from 5 October, Monday to Thursday at 17:30

The popular Afrikaans talk show, Tussen Ons, brags with more episodes per week, a new timeslot, and a fresh approach. It will be on Mondays to Thursday at 17:30 from 5 October on kykNET&kie instead of Thursday at 20:00.

Tussen Ons, which started July 2018, with its’ current presenter, Tracey Lange, Kay Karriem, Success Lekabe, Zelda Le Grange, and Ingrid Jones, will no be twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, where they’ll be in viewers homes and talk about current and newsworthy subjects.
On Tuesday, Dr. Darren Green, who is already a regular medical advisor on Tussen Ons, will now move in front of the cameras to talk about medical news, illnesses, and other diseases. The Bravo!-presenter and fitness guru, Ewan Strydom, will also pop in once a month to give fitness tips, while foodie, Heleen Meyer, will show viewers how to eat healthier every month.

The Thursday-episode will be known as Tussen Ons #TBT and will be presented by Tracey by herself. In this episode, she’ll get more nostalgic with her guests and will also give more lifestyle tips. Some of the kykNET&kie soapie starts from Suidooster and Arendsvlei will also come and talk about their soapie stories making the news. There will also be a music guest on the Thursday episode. Tracey, that has been the anchor presenter since Tussen Ons started, is very excited about the new format of the show.

“I look forward to the Tussen Ons shows being on four days a week and the name to be on everyone’s lips. I’m even more excited about the new #TBT-episode that I’ll present on Thursday,” she says. “On Thursday’s we’ll let loose and have fun with some celebrities and they’ll show us their talents while we laugh and get all nostalgic.”

Die Spreeus | Drama | Starts Saturday 3 October at 20:00

Die Spreeus is a special investigative unit that takes cases involving other worlds. It is loosely based on a unit in the SAPS that investigated cases connected to the occult.

Bas Koorts (Chris Vorster) is an intelligent man but since his wife died, he is a shadow of his former self. Beatrice Mack (Monique Rockman) comes from a rich family, but to her father’s dismay, she joins the police after abandoning her studies in mathematics and science. Rosa Scheffers (Sandi Schultz) is a brigadier and heads up the unit.

Also seen in the series, is Lea Vivier, Denise Newman, Albert Pretorius, De Klerk Oelofse, Rolanda Marais, Neels van Jaarsveld, Christia Visser, Kim Cloete, Deon Coetzee, Stian Bam, Jacques Bessenger, and Crystal Donna Roberts.

The director is Jaco Bouwer (Waterfront, Dwaalster). Monique Rockman, Jorrie van der Walt (cinematographer), Rocco Pool (production design), Chris Vorster and Pierre-Henri Wicomb (soundtrack) won ATKV Mediaveertjie awards earlier this year for their work on Die Spreeus.

André in Worship | Music concert | On Sunday 25 October 17:30

A highlight on KykNET NOU! (DStv channel 146) is André Venter in Worship. André, who was a member of the South African vocal group Romanz, tells more:

“This project is me saying thank you to South Africa. I have started a new chapter in America, but it would not have been possible without the 12 years of support I enjoyed in South Africa. The programme is a moment of worship from a place of deep gratitude, but also a place where I can serve other people. My favourite in the programme is ‘Goodness of God’ because our family is experiencing this more than ever before. Two new songs, ‘Mountains’ and ‘The Power of Your Name’, are also special, but each song has had an impact on my life and that is why I chose them.
I am proud to say the programme is also being marketed in America and Canada, and the album is available on all platforms. My wish with this is that the music will heal those who listen to it.”

Alie Barber | Sitcom | Saturdays at 19:30 on kykNET Lekker

Everyone gets ready for the wedding of the year. But things derail when Margie’s bridesmaid dress gets an oil smudge, and the shop keys disappear.

A Rugby player forgets a bag with ‘prescription drugs’ on the counter. Mr. Min returns from his doctor’s visit, and before long their pills get mixed up…Margie wants to celebrate her birthday with a party but does not have money to pay the caterers. Everyone in the salon is also feeling the pinch and must make a plan to buy her a present.

Mexican Telenovela Channel ‘Tlnovelas’ Now On DStv

DStv and GOtv customers, get ready for some thrilling entertainment as Televisa Networks and Multichoice Group team up to announce the launch of a new channel tlnovelas. The channel will be available from Monday, 14 September until August 2021.

Tlnovelas is an exclusive channel with a host of the most successful telenovelas within the Televisa Group of over 800 titles. The channel aims to delight customers with stories that will captivate them through compelling plots that will certainly drive unique emotional connections with viewers. From young adults, women, men and even children, there is a story for everyone to enjoy.

The channel explores various genres, from romantic comedies, epic dramas and binge-worthy stories for the young and old. Programming of tlnovelas include great stories such as Teresa, My Heart is Yours (Mi Corazón es Tuyo), Passion and Power (Pasión y Poder) and Fooled into Love (Amores con Trampa), not forgetting the flagship show Love Spell (Sortilegio) which will premiere on the day of launch.

“As Africa’s most-loved storyteller, we are unwavering in our commitment to ensure that we continue to find the best available content and stories to delight our customers, both now and into the future. We endeavour to deliver both world-class international content as well as the very best in local content, giving our loyal customers a never-ending selection of outstanding entertainment,” says Yolisa Phahle, MultiChoice Group CEO for General Entertainment and Connected Video.

This channel launch showcases the growing value of tlnovelas brand worldwide, with the English version of tlnovelas, Televisa continues its position as a leader in the Pay-TV market by offering content with the best quality” said Fernando Muñiz, General Director of Televisa Networks and Televisa International. And adds: “We continue to experience rapid growth all over the world due to partnerships with outstanding media players, such as Multichoice, and we are excited to take the next step of this expansion around the world.”

MultiChoice Namibia Reveals Sizzling Hot New Content For The Summer

MultiChoice Namibia held its annual content showcase event via livestream on 9 September 2020. Hosted by Managing Director Roger Gertze and his leadership team, the virtual event gave the media and other key industry stakeholders an exclusive look at the breakthrough content coming to Namibian audiences via DStv and GOtv this summer.

“Video entertainment is our language, it’s what we work with every day in line with our mission of making great entertainment more accessible throughout the country. It was only natural that we used video in an innovative way to rise above the challenges presented by COVID-19. Additionally, this showcase demonstrated MultiChoice’s hyper-local approach in our business and local content offerings alike. In this way, we were able to use video, the medium we ‘own’, in a powerful way,” explains Gertze.

The event featured updates from across the MultiChoice Group covering exciting additions to its entertainment and sports content offering as well as insights into how the company is innovating to deliver a world class customer experience.

New productions, movies and more

Aligning with MultiChoice Group’s mission to invest in local content as Africa’s most loved storyteller, M-Net has raised the bar yet again recently by adding more local scripted series to its line-up.

This includes four new shows: Trackers, MultiChoice Group’s first international co-production based on the book by South Africa author, Deon Meyer; Still Breathing; Legacy and Inconceivable.

FliekNET, the popular holiday pop-up channel showcasing locally-produced blockbuster movies, classic favourites and a variety of Afrikaans film formats, is now a permanent part of the KykNET stable, broadcast on DStv Channel 149.

KykNET is also now producing shorter dramas, moving away from its regular 13-episode format for scripted content. The first of these is Kompleks, written by Louis Pretorius and Albert Snyman (Die Boekklub, Fynskrif), directed by award-winning actress Tinarie van Wyk Loots, and narrated by Koos Kombuis and Deon Meiring.

Fans of Arendsvlei, the first telenovela on kykNET&kie (DStv Channel 145), will be delighted to hear that the nail-biting cliff hangers will be around for another year, as the next installment debuts on the channel in October 2020.

New-look M-Net Movies

With the recent streamlining of M-Net movies, it is now even easier for viewers keep tabs on all their favourite movie genres and stay up to date with the latest releases.

New international channels and shows

The content showcase event also revealed a number of new international channels coming to DStv and GOtv, including TLNovelas, the renowned English-dubbed Mexican telenovela channel; Timeless Drama Channel, big-budget series from Turkish producers in Istanbul and Anatolia; tvN, the best in Korean dramas dubbed into English; Kix, Asian action movies and cutting-edge reality shows, featuring the biggest Asian action icons and classic Kung Fu movies; ZooMoo, animal-themed shows for kids combining live animation, puppetry and a real-time app; and WildEarth, the only 24/7 channel that delivers authentic live and interactive safari experiences worldwide.

M-Net will continue to bring Hollywood’s latest series to Africa, first, beginning in September with the highly rated Mrs America with its A-list cast. Other hot new international shows on M-Net’s horizon include Legacy; The Good Lord Brid; The Undoing; The Equalizer; Lioness; The Bachelorette SA and Love Island South Africa.

The world’s best sport

With international sports resuming, MultiChoice Namibia announced a number of exclusive global football broadcasts coming this summer. Among these are the action-packed Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Serie A and LaLiga, all exclusive to SuperSport and complete with expert commentary and analyses.

DStv and GOtv are now officially the home of American sports in Africa, with two new channels – ESPN 1 and 2 – joining the existing ESPN channel offering.

In addition, a sterling production, Chasing the Sun, debuts on DStv this month. This powerful SuperSport documentary has been produced in collaboration with the Springboks, and tells the rousing tale of their path to redemption and World Cup glory in 2019.

The six-part documentary series premieres on M-Net on Sunday, 27 September 2020, concluding six weeks later on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the Springbok World Cup win. The documentary will also air on Catch Up, kykNET, SuperSport and Showmax.

“The fresh content slate for Summer 2020 forms part of our commitment to ensuring that we keep bringing valued customers the quality video entertainment they love, telling the best local and international stories, giving access to nail-biting sporting action and up-to-the-minute news, as well as leading international series, movies, documentaries and children’s entertainment,” says Gertze.

Looking ahead, Namibians are in for a real treat in the coming months, in terms of both outstanding content and product innovation.

Legacy & More Shows To Embrace This September On DStv and GOtv

DStv and GOtv’s September line-up includes a range of African and international shows, as well as features specially curated for African audiences.

Tune in soon to see what’s on screen this September with DStv and GOtv. You’ll find a sprinkling of top shows like Love Comeback, Legacy and The Sol and much, much more.

Here’s a snapshot of September’s super-bingeworthy action:

Love Comeback

Find out whether ‘they love me or love me not’ in this reality series with real-life stories of forgiveness and couples reunited (or not) with a little help from the Love Come Back team.

Discover how it all works out on Africa Magic Showcase, DStv Channel 151 every Sunday at 18:30 CAT.

Sol Family

Explore the reality of the behind-the-scenes drama of Sauti Sol – one of Africa’s most beloved bands – as we watch their daily interactions with each other, their fans, and the world.

It’s all going down on Maisha Magic Plus, DStv Channel 163 on Sundays at 18:30 CAT and on ShowMax.

The Legacy

Brought to you by the award-winning production house Tshedza Pictures, this telenovela explores the tale of two families on opposite ends of society and their interactions. With startling storylines set in the fast-lane world of investment billionaires and a sterling, diverse cast, this new daily is designed for DStv’s Premium audience. Legacy is M-Net 101’s very first telenovela.

Find out what happens when worlds collide from Monday, 21 September at 19:00 CAT on M-Net, DStv Channel 101.

Behind The Story

Join Pearl Thusi on a deep dive into the backstories of some of Africa’s best-known and most controversial personalities, media stars and musos.

The new season airs on BET, DStv Channel 120 and GOtv Channel 21 on Fridays at 22:00 CAT.


Discover Africa’s most diverse and talented artists in their own creative stomping grounds. Follow their journeys in this reality programme, visit their hometowns and see their contributions to art and culture on the continent.

Find out more on the Curiosity Channel, DStv Channel 185 every Tuesday at 19:00 CAT.

Free Willy (1993)

It’s a whale of a tail beloved by audiences of all ages and now you can compare the original ’93 version to the ’95 sequel on DStv and GOtv.

Follow this watery movie saga on TNT Africa, Friday 11 September at 18:20 CAT on DStv Channel 137 and GOtv Channel 18 and Free Willy 2 at 20:00 on the same evening on DStv Channel 137 and GOtv Channel 18.

Train of Salt & Sugar

A train journey uncovers the harsh realities of life in Mozambique after the civil war as four unlikely companions share their stories in this multiple award-winning movie.

Catch this eye-opening film on ShowMax as soon as you can.

Big Brother Naija Season 5

Have you been keeping up with Nigeria’s favourite reality show lately? If not, how will you know if your favourite character’s still in the Big Brother house?

Find out if they need your help to stay put by tuning into the 24-hour drama on DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Channel 29.

The African Couple

This infinitely relatable series focuses on a newlywed couple and the daily challenges they face in a unique African context.

It’s happening daily at 21:00 on ROK Ghana, DStv Channel 164 and GOtv Channel 18 or Channel 118 for viewers in Ghana.

In Memoriam Of Chadwick Boseman – Black Panther One Day Special Viewing

To commemorate the legacy of phenomenal Hollywood star Chadwick Boseman, who sadly passed away on Friday (28 August), M-Net Movies has acquired the rights from The Walt Disney Company Africa for a special screening of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, the film that engraved his name in movie history – and in the hearts of millions of people across the globe.

Black Panther will air on M-Net Movies Zone Channel 139, a movie channel available to all DStv customers across Africa, on Monday, 31 August at 19:00. (Channel: M-Net Movies Zone, Channel 139 (DStv Access) and channel 3/103 (GOtv Plus) – WAT @ 6pm | CAT @ 7pm | EAT@ 8pm)

With his charismatic and powerful performance as the titular Black Panther, Boseman defied stereotypes, broke boundaries and emerged as an inspiring role model and pop-culture hero. The revolutionary Black Panther was the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to shine the spotlight on a black super hero, and went on to become the first super hero film to be nominated for Best Picture at the 91st Academy Awards® . The mega-blockbuster received seven nominations and scooped three Oscars. Boseman himself, garnered a Screen Actors Guild Award and NAACP Image award.

Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER..L to R: Okoye (Danai Gurira), T’Challa/Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) and Ayo (Florence Kasumba) (Image: Matt Kennedy..©Marvel Studios 2018)

While Black Panther catapulted Boseman to stardom, he also played some of history’s most enigmatic and influential African-American icons: his break-out role was in 42 as baseball trailblazer Jackie Robinson; in Get on Up he gave an electrifying performance as The Godfather of Soul, music legend, James Brown; and he starred as the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall, in the riveting drama, Marshall.

But many agree his most inspirational screen-time will always be as Black Panther’s King T’Challa, who rose to the throne in the fictitious African country of Wakanda after the death of his father, King T’Chaka (played by SA’s own Dr. John Kani). That’s where he taught movie-goers how regal the combination of dignity, strength and humanity can be.

Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER..Mining Tribe Elder (Connie Chiume) (Image: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018)

Striking a chord with audiences all over the continent, Black Panther became the first film in the history of the South African Box Office to cross N$100 million and, went on to become the biggest film at the time in South, East and West Africa after its February 2018 release in cinemas.

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther was directed by Ryan Coogler, and also stars Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, and Martin Freeman.

The movie will not be available on Catch Up.

DStv Bolsters Its Movie Offering

Call it Movies 2.0! Or: The streamlined upgrade of the M-Net Movies channels on DStv. Come Tuesday 1 September the current six M-Net Movie channels will be re-organised and consolidated into four slick,  fuss-free channels.

To keep it simple, these four carefully curated channels, with its array of must-see films, will be known as M-Net Movies 1, M-Net Movies 2, M-Net Movies 3 and M-Net Movies 4.

Even though DStv have streamlined the M-Net channels, this will not impact the number of movies on the DStv packages, audiences will benefit from a leaner, spruced-up M-Net slate.

But that is not all, the popular holiday pop-up channel FliekNET will become a permanent fixture on the platform from 1 September as well.

Adding to this is the new KIX channel launching in October this year, bringing viewers the best of Martial Arts from the old-time favourites such as Jet Li, Jackie Chan and more. Film fanatics can also rest assured that DStv and M-Net team will continue to create popular pop-up channels built around popular franchises or themes.

“It’s important for us to facilitate the best possible viewing experience for our DStv customers in our ever-evolving world of entertainment”, says MultiChoice Namibia MD, Roger Gertze. “ While the proposition of the current six movie channels – M-Net Movies Premiere, Action Plus, Action, Smile, Zone and All-Stars – made perfect sense when they launched years ago, recent comments and requests from our movie-loving DStv audiences indicated that it was time for a reboot.”

According to Yolisa Phahle, CEO of General Entertainment and Connected Video at MultiChoice Group, this is just the beginning – the first step onto an exciting planned journey of developments on the film front.  “In our quest to remain Africa’s most-loved storyteller, innovation and quality will always be key. Local movies will also play an increasingly important role, alongside screening  handpicked Hollywood films first on all our platforms.“

MultiChoice Group’s platforms include DStv satellite television, Showmax, Box Office, DStv Catch Up and DStv Now. 

The streamlined M-Net Movie channels arrangement for different DStv audiences will make it easier to find the right movie, at just the right time:

  • M-Net Movies 1 

(Channel 104 on DStv Premium)

This is the new number-one destination for the latest local and international feel-good, wholesome movies for the entire family. Those who loved the kid-friendly Animania festivals on M-Net Movies Smile, as well as blockbuster romcoms and gripping dramas, will need an ample supply of popcorn for the good times ahead.

  • M-Net Movies 2  

(Channel 106 on DStv Premium)

Buckle up! M-Net Movies 2 will unleash an adrenaline rush with recent heart-pumping, explosive action films. The schedule will be packed with all kinds of adventures and thrills and spills at maximum velocity!

  • M-Net Movies 3

(Channel 107 on DStv Premium and Compact Plus)

Welcome to the place where all the movie heroes and heroines hang out, either saving the day in adventure classics or inhabiting the imaginary worlds of sci-fi and fantasy. Sometimes, they even tickle the funny bones in star-studded comedies or show off their acting chops in gripping dramas. 

  • M-Net Movies 4

(Channel 108 on DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access and GOtv Max)

The world’s biggest blockbusters, as well as their prequels and sequels, are lined up here. While movie franchise lovers can enjoy great movies for hours on end, friends and family can join all the action and fun too. 

  • FliekNET

(Channel 149 on DStv Premium)

This channel will be showcasing locally produced blockbuster movies, classic favourites and a variety of Afrikaans film formats such as feature films, short films, story films, made-for-TV movies and documentaries. The channel will also feature new straight-to-kykNET films produced by South African filmmakers as part of the continuous investment in the local film and television industry.

  • KIX

(Channel 114 on Premium, Compact Plus & Compact)

Everybody was kung-fu fighting on this channel. The best of all Martial Arts movies will live here. This channel promises to bring all the viewers the best scenes from all-time favourites, from Jackie Chan to Bruce Lee – the family will definitely have to dedicate a day of the week to all the action.

  • M-Net Movies Pop-Up

(Channel 111 on DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact & Access)

To keep it fresh and exciting, there will be a host of festivals and themed surprises on these channels. Furthermore, the M-Net Movies team will continue cooking up more binge fests with M-Net Movies Pop Up channels. In future, these pop-up delights will be served on DStv Channel 111.

More information about the September  M-Net Movies line-up or full channel schedules visit: www.dstv.com

Five New Twists To Big Brother Naija Season 5 – The ‘Lockdown’ Season

The fifth season of the biggest and most anticipated reality TV show on the African continent, Big Brother Naija: Lockdown is here and the surprises have already started rolling in.

Big Brother Naija: Lockdown is different in a lot of ways from the former seasons and this is the breakdown of what’s new.

Big Brother Naija host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu at the launch of the 5th season. (Image: BigBrotherNaija/AfricaMagic/DSTV)

1. Head of House Lounge: Instead of a head of house room, this season there is a whole lounge for the heads of house, with a sitting area, stairs, balcony and a fitted bathroom. Whoever wins head of house per week will also get to choose a deputy.

2. BB Naira: This time around, there are no physical currency notes, instead, there are digital BB Nairas to be put in a digital Betway Wallets. Housemates can lose money through fines or gain money through wins and/or good behaviour.

3. Tiered Voting: DStv and GOtv users are entitled to more votes, and the higher your package, the higher your votes. DStv Premium customers will get 2,500 votes; Compact Plus will have 1,500 votes; Compact customers will get 750 votes while Confam and Yanga customers will get 500 and 200 votes respectively, For GOtv customers on Max, they get 350 votes and GOtv Jolli customers get 200 votes.

4. Big wins For The Audience: You get a chance to win one million naira (N$42 374.19) in the BBNaija Fave Housemate Lock-in competition. You would have to lock-in a favourite housemate who you think will win the show. The lock-in period will be open from Thursday, July 30th till Monday, August 3rd. The special BBNaija Lock-In feature would be available on MyDStv and MyGOtv apps.

5. Increased Grand Prize: If you didn’t already know this, then it’s safe to say you’ve been living under a rock. This year, the winner gets to walk away with N85 million naira (over N$3.6 million) worth of prizes.

The show is only just starting and there’ll definitely be more surprises from Biggie but we will be on hand to bring you all the happenings, twists and turns.

Big Brother Naija season 5 airs 24/7 on DStv channel 198/ 197 and GOtv Max and Jolli on channel 29.

Big Brother Naija Season 5 & Other Reality Shows On DStv and GOtv

Reality shows have been gracing our screens for decades, and we love them for the non-stop hilarity, drama and – above all – craziness they provide. And if there is anything better than a reality show, it is a homegrown reality show. The African entertainment industry has stepped up by creating award-winning original reality shows and by giving some of our favourites a uniquely African twist. If you haven’t already, take the time to watch and discover the magic for yourself.

A house packed with 21 strangers all fighting for a cash prize – what could possibly go wrong? Since 2006, Big Brother‘s popularity has grown from year to year. Season 5 of Big Brother Naija will be hitting our screens from 19 July 2020 with a 24/7 broadcast to keep you up to date with all the action on DStv channel 198, CAT and GOtv channel 29, CAT.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, so what happens when an engaged couple is days away from saying “I do”? Follow all of the excitement and drama on the hugely successful Our Perfect Wedding Kenya, airing on Thursdays at 18:30, EAT on Maisha Magic East DStv channel 158 and 19:30, EAT on GOtv channel 4.

Big Brother Naija’s 2019 winner Mercy and boyfriend Ike – who met and started dating in the Big Brother house – share their relationship ups and downs with the world in Mercy & Ike. Will their relationship survive the real world? Find out Sundays at 18:30, WAT on Africa Magic Showcase DStv channel 151 and 18:00, WAT on GOtv channel 2.

Finding a new partner is hard, so what happens when your family gets involved? Date My Family Tanzania matches two single people with similar interests, but with a twist – their families go on the dates with their match up instead! Does your family have what it takes to find your perfect match? Find out Thursdays at 18:00, EAT on Maisha Magic Bongo DStv channel 160.

They’ve said “I do”, but the honeymoon is over, and reality is kicking in. After Wedding follows everyday people as they work to keep their marriages alive while dealing with the chaos of day-to-day living. Find out if they have what it takes to survive, Mondays at 13:00, WAT on Africa Magic Family DStv channel 154 and GOtv channel 102.

Discover the magic of Bollywood with DStv & GOtv

Famous for their gorgeous actors and dramatic storylines, Bollywood entertainment continues to take the world by storm. As a tribute to this film industry, we share some of our favourite Bollywood shows with you.

A new addition to the DStv and GOtv family is Zara’s Nikah on Zee World, DStv channel 166 and GOtv 25. The story follows Zara and Kabir, who both have a different approach to Islam. Will they be able to find common ground by challenging one another’s beliefs and principles? Find out on Sundays at 20:00 CAT on DStv and Mondays at 09:00 CAT on GOtv.

Follow the journey of sisters Bani, Pia and Rano as they process their father’s death in The Promise on Zee Alem (DSTV channel 145). What will their journey to Mumbai bring them? Airs Monday to Friday at 00:00 CAT on DStv.

Catalina Santa is willing to risk it all to escape her life of poverty in The Way To Paradise. Will her greed for money and pursuit for artificial beauty be her downfall? Find out weekdays at 22:00 CAT on Telemundo, DStv channel 118 and GOtv 14.

A woman makes a shocking discovery when she takes her son to her in-laws. Her gangster father-in-law traps her to keep his secret safe, leaving her to plot her escape. You can catch all the action by tuning in to Shakthi: The Power on B4U Movies, GOtv 24 on Wednesdays at 13:00 CAT.

Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra need to navigate their lives, family and falling in love – all within a chaotic family set up. How will their brotherly bond change as they settle down with their significant others? Find out weekdays by watching The Game of Love on Star Life at 08:00 CAT on DStv channel 121 and 06:00 CAT on GOtv 23.

And finally, the story of a powerful woman, Altagracia Sandoval who is ruthless in her search for the truth in a desperate search for her daughter and son in law who mysteriously disappear, Iron Rose returns to Telemundo, DStv channel 118 and GOtv 14 on Mondays, at 20:00 CAT.